New & better Talent search

New & better Talent search

The way you search for talented builders in Talent Protocol has changed. It now easier to find the people you want to support, mentors to your journey or even a co-founder among +150k users.

How to find what you're looking for

When you log in to the Talent Protocol app, you'll find yourself in our homepage. Click on the Explore tab and you will be able to see all the talented folks who've already joined us (all talented showed here are randomly selected everyday, so hop on regularly to see who else is around).

Search Filters

In the Explore page, you are able to choose already pre-defined filters such as Trending, Last Added or even select the network in which the talent has launched their token (Celo or Polygon). You can also define if you want to see users who are open to mentor someone or to be mentored.

Search filters in the Talent Protocol app

Now onto the new real deal.

You now search for a specific username, tag or Talent Token ticker. It is also possible to look for an occupation (say you are looking for a web designer to join your project...) and a given location (remote isn't everything in life, right?).

But we also took a step further in this as we are not your typical professional network. You are now able to search for milestones or professional goals that people have set for themselves in their Talent Protocol profile. Now it is possible to easily find accountability buddies or talent that are going through the same journey as you are or that can even benefit from connecting with you to reach those same objectives.

Search features in the Talent Protocol app are a constant work in progress. These improvements are the first visible version of this ongoing improvement and we will roll out version 2 of these features very soon.

If you have any suggestions, please join us on Discord and help us build a A-level talent ecosystem for collective success. 💫