Introducing Talent Protocol Web3 Opportunities

Introducing Talent Protocol Web3 Opportunities
TL;DR - Talent Protocol now allows organizations to directly share their open opportunities with our community of high-potential builders. Check it here.

Gm, gm!

It's one of those words, right? Opportunity. It's probably human nature to continuously look for it: an opportunity.

In a world where talent is abundant, but opportunities and visibility are unequally distributed, a community that unlocks new horizons becomes of major importance. At least that is what we, at Talent Protocol, believe and work towards.

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve launched Talent Protocol and since then we’ve seen more than a 150 thousand talented builders joining our platform, launching their talent tokens and creating their web3 resumes. We have been asking them what are they really looking for: is it their first web3 job or a different opportunity for their journey? Or are they looking for a co-founder?

The answers were clear: the majority of the builders who’ve joined our community are on the move to make a mark in the web3 space but still struggle to identify the best opportunities out there. That is why, when we launched Season 3, we’ve incorporated on our Product Vision the goal of bringing the best web3 opportunities to our community.

So here we are, announcing that we’ve created a Pallet curated by Talent Protocol where teams can share their open opportunities with the Talent Protocol community and where Talent can directly apply to them. We are also granting Teams the chance to access a Talent Collective - a curated list of high-potential builders that match their talent needs - and receive Talent Drops according to what they are looking for out there. Talent can also apply to become part of this Collective and be featured on future drops.

Here’s how it works ⤵️

Opportunities Board

What if instead of promoting your team's web3 opportunities in a unfiltered and non-web3-native place, you could post them directly in a curated community open to find their next web3 shot? That's what happens if your team uses Talent Protocol's Opportunities Board (live on Pallet). You share your open positions directly to a talented audience ready to take the next step into their web3 careers.

Through the Opportunities Board, Talent can directly apply to any opportunities that they consider matching their future work aspirations, resting assured that they are in fact high-quality opportunities filtered by Talent Protocol.

Talent Collective

Another side to this initiative is the Talent Collective. This is the place where teams go to find high-potential builders who can help them create cool web3 products or services.

Teams are able to apply to access the Talent Collective and also receive frequent Talent Drops, curated by Talent Protocol and composed by high-potential individuals who are open to new opportunities.

Talent can directly apply to become part of this Collective and be listed in future drops.

How it Works for Teams - Talent Sponsors

Web3 teams, companies and organizations (such as uTrust and Protocol Labs who are already part of this 👏) can become Talent Sponsors and earn immediate access to top candidates, open to new opportunities, sourced from our community.

Talent Sponsors can also directly post their open opportunities in Talent Protocol’s Pallet and we will also help them spread the word by featuring them on our regular newsletter that goes out to our community members and on a customized page on Talent Protocol’s app.

If your Team is searching for talent, you can directly post your job opportunities here or reach out to us for more details at [email protected].

Let’s keep the opportunities flowing in and let’s do this! 💫