Part 2 — The Application Process

Part 2 — The Application Process

gm friends 👋,

Today we are covering the application process on Talent Protocol. We’ll look into:

  • Who should apply for a token (user segments)
  • How to apply for your own token
  • The selection criteria for talent
  • The role of Talent Camp

Who Should Apply for a Talent Token

Anyone anywhere can apply to launch a token, even if they don’t have a big following or fancy credentials. The only things required are a unique skill, an inspiring goal, and a belief in web3.

As we mentioned in Part 1, the first season focuses on knowledge workers and digital builders that believe web3 is the future to join as talent. This includes people like founders, engineers, designers, economists, product managers, and community builders.

This diverse group of individuals should have a WOW factor, for instance, a highly inspiring career goal, an interesting life story, work in a novel sector, or noteworthy previous achievements.

Future seasons will likely focus around these segments:

  • Underprivileged and undiscovered talented people: talented but with no network or credentials; from underprivileged backgrounds, usually recommended by partner organizations like Girl Move.
  • Builders: founders and digital knowledge workers like designers, engineers, economists, product or community managers.
  • Creators (music, illustration, digital art, writer, podcaster, Youtuber)
  • Explorers (researching or experimenting in groundbreaking areas)

How to Apply for Your Own Token

Every talent needs to fill out the application form, even if you’re directly invited by the Talent Protocol team. Please fill it out with as much accuracy and detail as possible. The more ideas and information you can share, the more likely your application is to be approved. We only consider applications submitted in English.

All applications are put on a waitlist that are carefully and constantly reviewing. The Private Beta is invite-only and has only a limited capacity, but you can apply to be featured in a future season.

Go to our website by clicking the link in the section above and scroll down to this section.

The Selection Criteria

Besides having the aforementioned WOW factor, we are looking for the following factors in the early seasons:

  1. You should want to be part of a small group of very committed early believers and ideally be recommended or backed by a credible organization (e.g. Girl Move).
  2. You should have a vision for the role a token economy would play in your professional life and ongoing projects, and have clear use cases for holding, earning, and spending tokens.
  3. You should have a beta tester mindset to help us improve Talent Protocol.

Currently the screening and selection is done by the Talent Protocol team, but we plan to decentralize this process soon. If you want to become part of the community and take ownership of this task, please join our Discord server.

Talent Camp

Talent Camp will be a thorough onboarding program to learn more about Web3, social tokens, and Talent Protocol. As part of Talent Camp, talented individuals will also meet and connect with each other. Talent Camp will begin in Season 2 and will be iterated and improved with each following season.

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