Part 4 — Perks

Part 4 — Perks

gm friends 👋,

In Part 4, we’re looking at an essential feature of Talent Protocol, the perks a talent can offer:

  • What perks are
  • Why we need perks and how they work
  • Different types of perks a talent could offer

What are perks?

A perk is something valuable a talent can offer to their supporters, i.e., to the people holding their Talent Token. Perks are an incentive for supporters to get a certain Talent Token. For some, they may be the main reason to acquire a talent’s personal token while other supporters will see the perk as a bonus but the primary reaosn to back someone.

Why do we need perks and how do perks work?

Perks are key to bringing more utility and value to a Talent Token. The more valuable the perks a talent offers, the higher their utility and the more demand they can generate for their token. Furthermore, talent can differentiate themselves by offering particularly compelling perks.

Each perk has a name, a description and a price. The price is the amount of tokens a supporter must to hold to access the perk. For example, holding 1000 JOE tokens would enable Joe’s supporters to perk [x].

Supporters claim perks by going to the talent profile and clicking the perk they wish to claim. This will open a direct conversation with the talent to coordinate the details of claiming the perk.

Perks are off-chain activities not tracked on-chain by Talent Protocol.

We cannot guarantee that every talent follows through with what they promised or proposed, but they will likely see a drop on their Talent Token price if they don’t. If a talent you support doesn’t reply to your claim requests, please notify the Talent Protocol team on Discord.

Honest, ethical and hard-working talent will eventually be rewarded with more demand from supporters.

Different types of perks on Talent Protocol

We can classify perks into different categories:

  • Financial: can generate financial upside for the supporter.
  • Emotional: give the supporter a feeling of belonging.
  • Socially: signal status.
  • Practical: add value through services.

Talent are unlimited in what they want to offer as a perk (as long as it’s legal). Below is a non-exclusive list of what can count as a perk:


  • Personalized “Thank You” message (private or public).
  • Attendance at exclusive events (annual party or dinner for token holders).
  • Mentorship (be mentored by the talent).
  • Access to mobile number / Telegram username / Discord handle.
  • Private Newsletter.
  • Private Telegram or Discord channel for token holders.
  • Community calls exclusive for token holders.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA).
  • Feedback or coaching sessions.
  • Coffee / beer / lunch meetings.
A mentorship perk.

Founders & Digital Builders

  • First access to new products.
  • Office hours (a dedicated slot for supporters to dial in if they want).
  • Quarterly online meetings and report with data, numbers and results.
  • Private Calendly to book 1-on-1 calls.
  • Mention you in my email signature.
  • Personal templates and frameworks.
A coaching perk.

Creators & Artists

  • First access to new creations or artwork.
  • Free NFTs.
  • Discounts on tickets and merchandising.
  • Name on credits (book, movie, …).
  • Virtual shoutouts.
An interesting perk by a creator.

These are a few common examples, but more use cases for perks will inevitably pop up.

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