Part of Season 1? Get ready for the NFT airdrop

Part of Season 1? Get ready for the NFT airdrop

Now that we’ve wrapped up Season 1, it’s time to celebrate with our community with our first ever NFT airdrop. If you have been with us for the last few months, expect to get a super cool NFT very soon. 😎

We’re also introducing new community membership levels. As we continue on this path to become a fully decentralized protocol, we’ve created a Community model that will lead our members towards a more decentralized organization.

The Talent Protocol Community Membership

Our community has been crucial since day one. Throughout this journey and up to this day, we learned that there were different levels of engagement from members, ranging from being a follower on Twitter (the most passive role, we’d say) to becoming part of the Core Team (the most active level).

This led us to build a new structure for our Community that could a) bring clarity to members about the value of their participation and b) reward those most committed to Talent Protocol’s mission, in the most transparent way possible,

With this new Community model, members have the chance to level up, unlock benefits, gain access to new channels on Discord and get special privileges at each level.

Talent Protocol Community NFTs

There are 6 levels within Talent Protocol’s community: Subscriber, User, Member, Contributor, Team and Core Team. These roles are attributed and validated via standard ERC-1155 NFTs (non-transferable) that will have to be renewed every season.

As Discord continues to be the natural habitat for community, it is there that these badges become relevant: server channels will be token-gated and members will have access to them according to their level in the Community.

As we want to keep all members in the loop of what’s happening, there will continue to be a few newbie channels visible to everyone joining us on Discord. 👐

Community Levels

0. Subscriber

Those still wrapping their heads around what we’re building. Those who join Discord or follow us on Twitter — and are still considering becoming more engaged with Talent Protocol.

1. User

A user is anyone that has successfully created a Talent Protocol account. We believe that most people in our Community will be Users hence them being the first but also an important level of it: it’s for them that we’re building what we’re building.

Users will be automatically airdropped with a Talent Protocol User NFT,after connecting a crypto wallet.

Users will get access to Level 1 Discord channels, which include all general information channels. They’ll also have access to virtual community events.

User NFT

2. Member

Members are individuals who have an interest in developing and improving Talent Protocol. To become a member, one has to be an active user, either by launching a token or by buying one.

Active users will receive a Member NFT customized with their name (and airdropped automatically).

On Discord, members will have access to Level 2 channels that include a Bounties chat. By actively participating in the community, members will also have the possibility to earn $TAL and NFTs and apply to profile review sessions.

Member NFT

3. Contributor

Contributors actively help the team to improve the platform, either proactively or by completing bounties. In order to formally become one, a member will have to have completed at least one bounty or invited a certain number of users or talent to Talent Protocol.

Contributors will have access to Level 3 Discord channels and exclusive merchandising, and will be able to apply to career coaching and grants.

In this level, NFTs will be customized with their name and photo and manually and individually airdropped after a successful completion of a bounty.

Contributor NFT

4. Team

You guessed it: team members are those working part-time or full-time on the development of Talent Protocol. For now, team members are our investors, advisors, contractors and others appointed by the Core Team but with progressing decentralization, they will be appointed by the community.

Team members will have access to Level 4 Discord channels and to exclusive events with the Core Team as well as the opportunity to lead projects and grab learning opportunities to help up level blockchain-specific skills.

Team NFTs can only be assigned manually through cooperation with the Core Team.

Team NFT

5. Core Team

Core Team members are those living and breathing Talent Protocol, thus working on it full-time. In the future, the Core Team will become a part of the DAO and eventually cease to lead Talent Protocol in a fully centralized manner.

You can check the current Core Team structure here.

Core Team NFT

The NFT Airdrop

User NFTs will be automatically airdropped on Celo this week to all +11,000 users that connected their wallet during Season 1 (ends Mar 10th at 6pm GMT).

Member NFTs will also be automatically airdropped this week to all +1,000 active users that launched or bought a token during Season 1.

Contributor, Investor and Team NFTs (143 in total) will be airdropped manually next week, after we confirm all wallet addresses. Expect a message from us in the coming days.

Let’s do this! 💫

Filipe Macedo

Filipe Macedo

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