Paul-Adrian Lamoureux: “I went through a very fast learning curve”

Paul-Adrian Lamoureux: “I went through a very fast learning curve”

Paul-Adrien is an entrepreneur with a love for life. His impeccable academic background and first career choices led him towards entrepreneurship, an always-present passion of his. But, in the meantime, he still finds time to practice sports and live life to the fullest.

Hop on Paul-Adrien’s story and learn why you should consider adding $PAL to your talent portfolio 👇.

More than a year ago, Paul-Adrien left his corporate career to co-found Whaleroom, a space for token-gated communities and a project that spoke dearly to his entrepreneur heart. The last year was of consolidation of PA’s, as his friends call him, love for business and he truly feels he’s just starting.

Born in France, he moved to Montréal, Canada, for a Bachelor’s in Finance, something he considered to be “one of the best decisions” he ever made as he always wanted to see more and grow beyond his life in his home country. Even though his spirit is one of a builder and he was already dreaming of starting his own project, Paul-Adrien decided to go back to Paris after in order to complete a Master’s in Entrepreneurship which would be followed by yet another move, this time to London.

“London was a good follow-up after Montréal”, PA claims while explaining that he got his first corporate job there, doing research for a private equity fund. His corporate experience, even though it ended after almost 2 years, granted him the opportunity to observe how big companies fuel innovation and reinvent themselves and, while there, he also saw how fragile a business can be and how keeping it rolling is a continuous task - “It taught me to never take things for granted”.

Despite his high growth and the learnings coming from this experience, Paul-Adrien’s entrepreneur heart skipped a beat when a friend of his pitched Whaleroom. He considered that it was a “time-sensitive” project, so he went all-in and quit his job. “I went through a very fast learning curve”, PA explains, “but I’ll eventually become an expert in tokenized communities”.

His interest in communities in the Web3 space and their importance in the most various projects has been growing ever since and that is why he also launched his token $PAL through Talent Protocol’s platform. “I’m hoping Talent Protocol to be a space to show whaleroom’s potential but also to get to know other crypto enthusiasts and use it as a place where I’m available to help tokenize communities”, he adds.

When he’s not building his Web3 project, PA definitely enjoys what life has to offer. He’s a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts, skiing and, his most recent passion, scuba diving. The latter also granted him the chance to learn more about the marine ecosystem and that is why he is also taking more steps to help protect it through his ventures and by supporting WDC ( Once a doer, always a doer, we’d say.


Supporters: 10

Tokens in Circulation: 3,643.00 $PAL

Market Value: $364.30

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I want to help talents make the most of their community. Masters in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris. Co-founder at Passion for mixed martial arts. Proud supporter of WDC to raise awareness around endangered sea species.