Paulo Fonseca, a Designer Designing Designers who believes Design is the solution for everything

Paulo Fonseca, a Designer Designing Designers who believes Design is the solution for everything

How many people do you know that built their first website at five years old? At Talent Protocol, we know at least one: Paulo Fonseca.

Paulo calls himself a Designer Designing Designers as one of the things he enjoys most is providing training to those aspiring to work in this field. He is also creating a DAO for them, not surprisingly called Designing Designers, “a community that you can freely join to learn about the ways design can help you invent the new system you've been craving for,” you can read on his Talent Protocol profile.

Paulo always knew he wanted to build things. He spent his adolescence either learning Flash and Javascript on the library computers or reading as much as he could about architecture and buildings. Eventually, he realised there were way more things to build and went to an Industrial Design course at University.

The idea of building digitally came after reading Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, a book that he claims changed his life and his perception of the world and made him want to avoid building more physical objects in an already crowded world.

Since then, Paulo Fonseca has been doing UX Design to help all kinds of organisations worldwide and provide training to those interested in the industry. Seeing those succeed is one of his most significant achievements.

So Paulo became a champion for his passion, claiming that his main challenge is to get people to understand that “the magnitude of our challenges can be tackled with the power of Design.”. “Design can solve anything”, he explained, adding that Design methodologies and mindset enable people to solve any problem.

Being also an advocate for collaboration, Paulo has created several communities, being responsible for the Lisbon UX event and the first meetup about Blockchain in Portugal. That’s also why he is now invested in web3 and DAOs. He wants to see how anonyms can collaborate and hopes to see the web evolving from a place of coordination, as we roughly have today in web2, to a place of collaboration. He believes this is an approach that can help tackle many current issues such as climate change, fake news, or the weaponized proliferation of AI.

Paulo is currently living a moment of transformation. He admits to having the “shining object syndrome”, so while he wants to try everything web3 has to offer before deciding his next step, he also wants to focus his time and energy on what matters. That will mean developing his DAO further and managing the investment he is sure to receive.

From Talent Protocol, he hopes to meet as many people as he can, offering perks at $1PAULO. He would rather have more people investing a small amount in connecting than just a few investing massive amounts to reach his goal of making the most of the community. He also hopes the platform evolves to be more about talent and less about supporters, so people can showcase their talent and find an alternative to the web2 professional networks.


🤝Supporters: 32

🪙Tokens in Circulation: 29,428.00 $PAULO

💰Market Value: $2,942.80

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