Presenting Talent Spotlight, a new content series by Talent Protocol

Presenting Talent Spotlight, a new content series by Talent Protocol

We’ve spent the last months welcoming high-potential talent into our platform. Now is the time for them to shine under the spotlight and for you to get to know them better with Talent Protocol’s new content series.

Since November, Talent Protocol has on-boarded more than 230 Talent from different geographies and trades, allowing Supporters to invest in them and in their long term goals. A strong community is taking shape right before our eyes and we couldn’t be prouder — but enough with the shilling.

We promised that Talent Protocol would be a place for Talent to shine, reach broader audiences and expand their chances to win at whatever goals they had set for themselves and, inline with that commitment, we now launch a new content series that intends to showcase the amazing profiles we have with us: we present you Talent Spotlight 🔦.

Every week we’ll publish new stories on our Talent, focusing on their background, wins and failures and also about what they aspire to do or become. With Talent Spotlight, those who have launched their talent token will have the opportunity to share who they are with the Talent Protocol community.

We are also hoping to bring to you great pieces of content worth to be shared across your networks in a collective WAGMI effort.

Talent Spotlight #1 will be out tomorrow.

With more than 230 Talent, we have to be up to speed to grant them the opportunity to tell their story; right?

Our first story, about Andrea Solomonides — $ANDY —, will be out tomorrow! We’ll keep in touch so that you don’t miss it. 🙏🏻