Product Update 02

Product Update 02

This fortnight's product releases were focused on growth and improving the overall communication experience between talent and their supporters.

For the past two weeks our product team has taken some time to engage, discuss and pinpoint new ideas, features and the overall direction of Talent Protocol.

Even amidst this strategic alignment, we've been able to release some really cool features that we hope will change how users interact in the platform. Let's take a closer look:

Earn Page

We've been working on a new and more automated Referral Race that challenges active users to invite high-potential talent to Talent Protocol. Those with most invites shared will be rewarded with $TAL.

With the new Earn page, users will be able to track their earnings and rewards (which could range from NFTs to $TAL, to name a few), total number of invites sent and much more.

We are hoping that by giving back $TAL as a rewards, users will also find a new incentive to hold it and, in the near future, to use it while investing in other talents.

Message All Supporters

If you launched a token, you've probably felt at some point in time the need to reach out to all of those who have bought your token - your supporters. This may be whether because you want to thank them for supporting your career journey, update them on your achievements or even present new perks!

Now you can do it in a much smoother way through Talent Protocol.

Coming Soon: Quests

We're working on it as we speak: onboarding Talent Protocol will become even easier!

User will be challenged to become talents by launching their tokens, supporters by buying other talent tokens and/or scouters by inviting new high-potential talent to join us.

For more in-depth product news as well as information about open bounties, don't forget to join Product Office Hours, every Monday at 4:30 gmt+1, on Discord.

Let's do this! 💫

Francisco Leal

Francisco Leal

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