Product Update 03

Product Update 03

Welcoming new users and improving their onboarding to Talent Protocol were our main focus product-wise for the last two weeks.

Users can now expect to be challenged to complete quests to earn $TAL rewards, we've premiered a new UI for upgrading an account to a Talent account and we've also made profile tags searchable to that everyone easily finds the talent they are looking for.


Users in Talent Protocol are rewarded for numerous reasons. One thing that wasn't clear for them however was what granted them the opportunity to earn $TAL rewards or NFTs.

So, we've introduced Quests - a visual board where users can check the challenges they have to complete and how much $TAL or NFT rewards they will get for doing so. We've made it easier and also added a pinch of fun and competition to our user onboarding.

Account Upgrade

A Talent Protocol user account can take many forms. The most basic of them includes a Talent Protocol account through which users can browse the platform and check registered talent.

Once a user applies and is successfully accepted to launch a personal token, their account is transformed into a Talent Account. We've been working on making this account upgrade as smooth and simple as possible, making it even easier to apply to launch a token. We've finished wireframing and design and will move to add it to the platform now.

Searchable tags

One of the best things about Talent Protocol is the opportunity given to users to discover and support great talent.

However, investments often have to meet certain criteria. And that is why we've made profile tags searchable by users. This means that now it is possible for potential supporters to look for talent in specific sectors, industries and careers.

Head over to our talent page and look for what you're searching for, whether it's Web3 builders, designers, entrepreneurs, Β and many others.

Coming Soon & Ongoing Product Developments

Integration with Polygon

We've already let you know that we're going multi-chain and May will mark the beginning of a new era for us: we're integrating with Polygon.


Our team is also working on two platform-related features. The first focuses on reviewing Talent Protocol's platform accessibility, including color schemes and other UI elements revision and improving the Dark and Light modes.

On-chain Career Goals

Throughout the next sprints we'll also be focused on bringing on-chain career -goals to life, a mechanism that ensures that a talent's reputation is based on objective achievements rather than likes or meaningless endorsements. With the introduction of on-chain career goals, we want to create a validation mechanism to "certify" when a goal is achieved.

Join our Discord to keep up with Talent Protocol and join us in our Community Call on April 27th.

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Francisco Leal

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