Product Update 04

Product Update 04

We've been busy! I mean, we're always busy but the last couple of weeks were especially eventful.

The Polygon integration continues to require a lot of effort from Talent Protocol's development team but we were also capable of deploying smaller but meaningful new features in the platform: shorter URls for talent profiles and Discord integration for talent token launches asides from new security tools.

$DINIS has also joined as a full-time Senior Software Engineer - we're at full steam in our product team. 💨

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Integration with Polygon

A continuous presence in our Product backlog, an integration with a new chain comes with challenges and takes also a lot of time from the team in order to make the best decisions.

We are hoping that, in a few weeks, users at Talent Protocol will be able to decide in which network they prefer to launch their talent token - in Celo or in Polygon.

Short URLs for profiles is boring to write, so we made it shorter to make sharing easier!

This was actually a bounty concluded by one of our community members. Thank you $CARVALHO, for this! You can go on and support him here (See what we did there? We've just used a shorter URL 🙃).

Discord integration for Talent Token launches

A new Talent Token is meant to shine. So now, every time a user launches one, our community in Discord is automatically alerted, so they can be the first to know and support their journeys. Hop in our #talent-spolight channel to be in the loop.

Safety Tools

Safety is an ongoing task for us and something that keeps us up at night, as such we're continuously looking for new ways of improving our safety and those of our users. We're looking to create a status page to be as transparent as possible about issues that we face.

We are hosting our usual Product Bonfire (formerly known as Product Office Hours) next Monday, at 4:30 pm (UTC) on Discord. Join for more product news and updates!

Francisco Leal

Francisco Leal

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