Product Update 05

Product Update 05

Hi all 👋

After a few very busy weeks, we finally found the time to resume our usual Product Update to let you know everything that we’ve been working on. Talent Protocol is full steam ahead into building and bring you the Web3 professional community for high-potential builders so let’s zoom in ⬇️

Time to BUIDL

You know when stars align and unlock something you’ve been trying heard to get? That’s what happened last month when we saw ourselves post-team retreat, amidst a market crash and with an opportunity to rethink things.

We understood that now it was, more than ever, time to build (or BUIDL in crypto lingo) and reshift a couple of things in our focus. Product updates since then have been heavily focused on setting the ground for product-market fit, getting to know our users and build great features that builders can use to achieve their goals.

Improved talent profile experience

Talent profile pages are a continuous work in progress for us, especially since we are always gathering feedback from our community and focusing on maximizing their fit to what builders need to succeed.

Given that, we have added new fields to the profile, making it possible to users to specify their gender, nationality and current location. With these new fields, we as a community will be able to track diversity and the reach we are being able to have across different communities and regions.

From now on, users are able as well to identify if they are open to job offers.

Visitors can also check now the number of supporters that a talent has on Talent Protocol and, according to their status on the community, they’ll receive different call-to-action in the platform and are challenged to complete quests to ramp up their presence among us. See more here.

New Partnership pages

We owe a lot of our high-potential talent present in the platform to the amazing partners who have helped us reach out to further audiences and spread the word about how social tokens are revolutionizing the way careers are built.

Now it is possible to zoom in in each partnership and check who are the talented people coming from them.

Aya partnership page

Talent Token performance tracker

We’ve added a 30-day market cap variance in order to track the performance of talent tokens over time.

Bug bounty program

You probably heard about it but it’s never too much to stress it out - together with Immunefi, we’ve launched a bug bounty program focused on improving and proofing our smart contracts. All the details are here. Rewards can go up to $20,000!

Join us next monday on our usual Product Bonfire for some real time talk about product, tech and beyond, hosted by our CPO, Francisco Leal ($LEAL).💫

Francisco Leal

Francisco Leal

My goal is to know more tomorrow than I know today. Constantly curious, always learning. CTO @talentprotocol. From 🇵🇹 to the 🌍
Lisbon, Portugal
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