Product Update 01

Product Update 01

We're kicking off Talent Protocol's Product Update - a bi-weekly dose of what we've been up to while building the Web3 talent platform.

Product news in a nutshell

🫂 New Supporter Profiles - Showcasing a portfolio of supported Talent

🏅Community NFTs were airdropped and are now visible on your Talent Protocol's portfolio

💬 Improved messaging - a better DM experience and a new Notification system

🔧 Security fixes

The last two weeks marked the beginning of Season 2 into building Talent Protocol. This brought news in all perspectives but mostly in Product as we continue on to launch new features and also improve the existing ones, a job fed by all the learnings we've gathered for the last months, during Season 1.

Improvements ranged from blockchain smart contracts to backend, frontend and UI/UX and we've also worked on new features, some already rolled-out, others still a work in progress.

Here's a round-up of everything new on Talent Protocol product-wise:

Supporter Profiles

We've launched Supporter Profiles! Anyone who's backed talent through Talent Protocol's platform has now a visible portfolio of their investments. Supporter profiles are also a space where they can present themselves to anyone who wants to know more about who has bought their token.

NFT Airdrop

Community members who were present during Season 1 were airdropped the first Talent Protocol NFTs on the Celo network. Now it is possible to view them on your own Talent Protocol portfolio.

Messaging & Notification

Direct contact is key on Talent Protocol. During Season 1 we've received a lot of feedback on what would be important to have in our internal messaging tool in order to a) assure great message management and b) prevent its misuse.

We added opt-in and opt-out options for message notifications, text formatting tools and we are currently working on a "message all supporters" feature and restriction and safety features.

As for Notifications, we've improved our system in order to make it easier for talent and supporters to be notified when something relevant happens and also opt-in or out according to their wishes. Talent are also now automatically notified by email if a supporter buys his or hers token.

Security Fixes

As we grow in users, security concerns grow accordingly. We are continuously working to have the best and safest structure for all users - may they be talent or supporters.

👀 Join our weekly Product Office Hours on Discord where we go over current and next product sprints as well as open bounties. -> Next one will be on March, 28th, 4:30 PM (GMT), here.

Let's do this! 💫

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Francisco Leal

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