Rezaan Daniels - "We have to show that there’s a different way of doing things"

Rezaan Daniels - "We have to show that there’s a different way of doing things"

37 year-old Rezaan Daniels is the sum of an idealist and a businessman. His “real world experiences” built him into a man moved by the mission of making an impact in local economies, especially through changing how the cash conversion cycle works.

He is fully dedicated to his venture FINVEX.TECH, offering new finance and credit solutions to businesses.

There’s a cool vibe to Rezaan Daniels once you see him. Once you start hearing him talk, you immediately feel humbled by his life experiences and also by the way he turned them into business opportunities, both for him and for those willing to be helped by him.

Born in Cape Town, in South Africa, Rezaan grew up looking up to the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. Since those days, he understood the power of exposure and representation - “I grew up looking up to someone with whom I could relate. Back then, the United Nations was the coolest thing I could think of”, he explains when asked about his first career decisions.

At 18 Rezaan moved to the United States to study Liberal Arts and make his way to the UN. Still at the university, Rezaan got the opportunity to enroll in a UN program in Uganda and he willingly accepted it. While there, Rezaan had the chance to work with former child soldiers who were struggling to adjust to life at the internally displaced people camps and he was able to help build a program that used their existing skills but also teached them to create value to others and to generate revenue streams within their communities.

This experience taught Rezaan many different things. The first is that you can find amazing people in almost any place or situation, the second is that a big organization such as the UN carries a heavy bureaucratic load that slows down initiatives and their outcomes. But the most important lesson that it taughtRezaan was the potential of the private sector to actually “bridge the gap”.

So Rezaan packed up and moved back to the US, specifically to Silicon Valley, where he took a few courses at Stanford and lived in Palo Alto. His intention was to absorb as much entrepreneurship and business knowledge as he could so that he could mix them up with the learnings from his experiences in Africa.

Soon he started a job that took him back to South Africa with the mission of identifying local entrepreneurs who could be backed up by American Venture Capital. “I think VCs created a lot of wealth”, Rezaan claims, “they are great but also very selective, choosing only highly scalable businesses”.

His very conscious assessments of his experiences always guide Rezaan towards his next steps. Still in South Africa, he moved to another company, in a different sector and, curiously enough, the same topic came up again: access to finance. Seeing local businesses and suppliers struggling made once again a huge impact on him and solving that became his highest priority.

So he finally founded his own venture - - that is actively showing businesses that “there’s a different way of doing things” when it comes to working capital.

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