Sara Aguiar - "I have a million business ideas a day"

Sara Aguiar - "I have a million business ideas a day"

Sara Aguiar studied political science in Lisbon, only the red tape was stunting her growth as a professional. “I wanted things done fast and that’s not politics. Political solutions don’t evolve with the problem, and there was always baggage involved.” The catalyst behind her transformation from pencil pusher to start-up wizard was the EDP university challenge, where students apply their technical knowledge to solve problems. Taking 2nd place, Sara dipped her toe in the private sector and took a liking to solving problems faster than she could in government.

From there, Sara steered a course to business, picking her Erasmus based on entrepreneurial courses, and she attended the Copenhagen business school in the summer. Following her bachelor’s, she got hands-on experience at the assembly line, joining Fabrica de Start-up as an Entrepreneur in Residence. There, Sara collaborated with The Navigator, one of Portugal’s largest corporations, to steer their business plan and set a course for better user experience. In fact, her performance was so impressive that Fabrica’s founder invited her to co-found Ready2Start – a flavor of start-up accelerator that provided tax services, business advice, and partnerships.

Despite her early success, Sara was dissatisfied with her “technical know-how”. After a year at Ready2Start, she took her chances and left in order to begin a Master’s in Marketing at Nova University, in Portugal. 2 years and many coursework projects later, the risk paid off, and Sara was hired by Amazon as a business intern for AWS – a summer that was followed by a full-time offer. By 2021, Sara was helping start-ups from all industries scale using cloud services.

Today, Sara and her friend Mafalda Rebordão co-host the Ponto Zero podcast. While Sara works at Amazon, Mafalda works at Google, meaning their combined expertise covers the upper echelons of the tech world. The pair greatly value mentors and their impact on young professionals, so they made a habit of bringing on various experts they collaborated with throughout their careers - discussing everything from productivity to maternity leave and how companies can better support working mothers.


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