Season 3 Wrap Up

Season 3 Wrap Up


  • Season 3 was marked by significant product updates, community initiatives and opportunities.
  • We saw improvements in product traction and community growth, while also learning valuable lessons to improve our development process and governance.
  • Moving into Season 4, we aim to maintain rapid shipping, with a focus on supporting builders worldwide through Goals!

1. What was the Season 3 memorable for?

Timeline: Oct 2022 - June 2023 (~9 months)
Theme: The Talent Game
Goal: Create a real $TAL economy and bring more short term utility to the platform.

Product Features we delivered📦

In Season 3, we introduced a series of significant product updates, impactful improvements, and exciting new features. Let's recall what it entails below⤵

  1. Talent Mates is our customizable NFT collection, exclusive to the Talent Protocol community. Check it out on Opensea.
  2. We integrated the Identity verification, which is necessary to launch the talent token.
  3. handle, that takes you directly to your Talent Protocol profile.
  4. Talent Protocol Swag Shop, that provides you a bunch of really cool staff.
  5. New & better Talent search with filters and keywords.
  6. Public API. Check out how does it work here.
  7. New Support Models: Career Updates, Endorsement, Sponsorship.
  8. New Homepage and Quests page to make it more engaging, rewarding, and fun to contribute to the Talent Protocol ecosystem.

Community Updates 👥

  1. We've created new ways where community can actively participate and contribute while earning rewards for their efforts - Bounties and Build Days.
  2. Web3 jobs by Talent Protocol Telegram channel. Everyday we help talent to find the most promising Web3 vacancies.
  3. We organized Talent Houses in Bogota, Lisbon, Denver, Rio de Janeiro and Paris!
    We've also revamped Talent House into ↗️ Take Off by Talent Protocol!
  4. We've embraced community voting as a decision-making mechanism, and as a result, one of the key decisions was to expand to the Arbitrum network next, Ethereum 2nd and Optimism 3rd.
  5. We've successfully organized our first Builders Week in Lisbon where builders learn web3, connect with each other and compete for 7,000 USDT in prizes.
  6. We've formed strategic partnerships with leading Web3 projects such as Lens Protocol, WorldCoin, Protocol Labs and Thirdwork.

2. What We Achieved?

In Season 3, we accomplished significant milestones, achieved remarkable product traction, and witnessed growth in our community engagement.

Milestones 🏆

  • Talent Protocol's TVL crossed the $780k worth of $TAL.
  • 842 Talent Mates minted before the ending of Season 3.
  • Transitioning into a "bear-market" startup, embracing a more disciplined and focused approach to drive our project forward.

Product Traction 🛠

  • Over 1K Monthly Active users
  • 9.3K transactions in the app.
  • More then 330 career updates sent since Apr 19.

Community Traction 🗳

  • More then 1.8K applicants to the Talent House, Ambassadors, Bounties and other community activities.
  • We are getting more decentralized. 442 votes in a three community voting on the Snapshot.
  • 11.9K (+25%) followers on Twitter | 7K (+30%) members on Discord

3. What we learned?

Through our experiences in Season 3, we gained invaluable insights that will shape our future approach and drive continuous improvement.

Our strengths and challenges ☯️

  • 🔝 We’ve got a great culture-fit and product-fit with LATAM builders and we’re doubling down on LATAM region.
  • 🔝 Experimenting new ideas around development (eg. New Support Models), governance (eg. Snapshot), community projects (eg. Build Day, Builders Week).
  • ❗We faced challenges in delivering big projects or complex features.
  • ❗We encountered hurdles in growth and scaling our product.

What to improve in Season 4 👀

  • Shipping like a mofo. Maintain a rapid and efficient pace in releasing new features, updates, and improvements, ensuring a consistent and timely delivery to meet user expectations.
  • Break down complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks, allowing for more agile development cycles and ensuring better control over project timelines and deliverables.
  • Empower our community members to actively participate in decision-making processes and shaping the future direction of our project.

We will soon launch Season 4, focused more on Goals, as the core feature that will make potential builders worldwide feel seen and supported.

See you on Season 4. 🙌

Let’s do this!



Community Manager at Talent Protocol