The Talent Game is on 🔥

The Talent Game is on 🔥

Welcome to Talent Protocol - Season 3.

Get ready to enter the Talent Game, where the builders of tomorrow come to build a better future with a little help from their friends - aka their network of supporters.

Season 3 Overview

  • Timeline: Oct 2022 - June 2023 (~9 months)
  • Theme: The Talent Game
  • Goal: Create a real TAL economy and bring more short term utility to the platform.

A lot has happened since April 2021, back when we launched Season 2. In six months, we fine-tuned what Talent Protocol is and wants to become to the community of immense talent and potential that it has created.

Throughout this period, it became clear that our raison d'être were the builders - those individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, will to create and also to leverage on Web3 to solve problems and pave their own career paths. It was clear to the Talent Protocol community that we were here to build an ecosystem of tools and programs to help builders make career progress, powered by a more dynamic TAL economy.

This ecosystem enables builders to:

  1. Share their story and create a professional presence in Web3 that makes them proud;
  2. Make meaningful connections and access exciting opportunities within a community of high-potential members.

Powered by the TAL Economy

$TAL is Talent Protocol's native currency. For almost every action a user does in the platform, there will be a corresponding opportunity to earn or spend TAL.

The launch of the TAL Token on-chain will happen when we meet two or more of the following three conditions - a) highly engaged community; b) product-market fit; c) market circumstances permitting - but we have engineered new ways to earn and spend virtual TAL tokens, turning passive investors into active contributors and bringing more concrete short-term benefits, not just long-term passive investments.

The new Talent profile

Talent Protocol is the place you go to build your Web3 career and show it. That is why we are debuting a new killer profile for all talented builders in the space.

The new Talent Protocol profile

In Season 3, talent will have access to a profile that represents who they are and where they want to go and their professional journeys so far.

Journey Section

The new profile will also showcase each builder's web3 footprint (e.g. NFTs, POAPs, etc.), perks and careers circles, which translate into illustrating each talent's community of invested players.

Perks Section

The brand new profile aims to give Talent Protocol's users the autonomy to search, explore and connect with other builders in the network, on the road to meet their true potential. Our product team will be heavily focused on exploring and bringing more and more utility to the app, aligned with our users' needs to build their Web3 careers.

Setting Talent Protocol onto new heights

Season 3 is also the moment for Talent Protocol to work on different revenue streams while bringing to life initiatives that bring our community together.

That is why we are introducing an opportunities board for both builders and organizations, where all participants will be able to find the resources and the people they need to take their careers and projects to the next level. We are also working on a solution that grants organizations access to cohorts of talented builders that can help them grow and reach their goals.

The grants program Talent House and the mentorship initiative Level Up will also continue to be huge priorities for Talent Protocol's team and community. We will continue to develop both initiatives with the purpose of making them unequivocally part of Talent Protocol's set of products.

Ready to join the Talent Game? 🔥

Talent Protocol's commitment is to its community. There is no real Talent Game without those who help us build, promote and engage with it.

Here are a few things you can do to become part of the game (and, who knows, become a real MVP) ⬇️

👯Become a member

Sign up to become a member of our community and access the opportunity to create your Web3 professional profile, launch your token and support other talented builders.

Talent Protocol - Beta
Talent Protocol is the web3 professional community where high-potential individuals can build an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anyone to easily invest in their careers.

🏛️Community Calls

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