Season 4: The Power of Sharing Goals

Season 4: The Power of Sharing Goals

Season 4 Overview πŸ“‹

Timeline: Jul 2023 β†’ Dec 2023

Theme: Sharing Goals β€” Share your goals and you'll never build alone.

Positioning: Talent Protocol is a social and economic platform where any builder can commit to future goals, share their progress and find the support they need to succeed.

Goal: make it super easy to write great goals (with the help of AI) and very rewarding to support talent (both socially and financially, with crypto)

Metric: Number of members with Active Goals

Why Seasons? 🌳

We believe in the power of seasons. Just like nature, we use seasons to grow, evolve, and reach new heights. It's our own way of setting goals, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements.

Season 3 Wrap Up
Season 3 was marked by significant product updates, community initiatives and opportunities.

In Season 3, we made some significant strides: we introduced 2 new support models (subscriptions and sponsorships), embraced a 'bear-market' startup mindset, and rebranded our scholarship program from Talent House to Take Off. Now, we're all set to take on Season 4 with renewed energy and focus! 🌱

Recap Time: Why are we building Talent Protocol? πŸ’œ

Many builders feel they’re on their own.

Despite our hyper-connected world, more and more people feel isolated and invisible. They struggle to connect with other builders in social media platforms designed to reward noisy and marketable people, not people building good things quietly. As a result these builders lack the self-confidence, motivation and accountability they need to succeed.

This is where Talent Protocol comes in: we want to make every builder feel seen and supported.

It’s important to note that being seen is different from being visible. On Linkedin your visible, anyone can easily find you. But to feel seen is to feel understood, validated, valued. And sometimes just one person is enough to make you feel truly seen. πŸ€—

Season 4 Strategy: Doubling Down on Goals 🎯

This season, we're going all-in on Goals. We're confident that by prioritizing Goal-related features, we can help more builders feel seen and supported, and ultimately succeed.

Our strategy is rooted in one key insight: as humans, we admire people for trying more than for their successes. That's why we believe that committing to your goals publicly and sharing your progress frequently is the best way to find the support you need to succeed.

As Drake once said, β€œPeople like you more when you are working towards something, not when you have it.”

We're a platform focused on progress. We help builders commit to goals (future) and share progress (present). We give less importance to jobs, education, and other credentials (past). The world has enough digital resumes already. 🌎

Key Deliverables: Empowering Builders with Crypto and AI πŸ€–

We’re building a social and economic platform where builders can:

  • set goals in under 1min, with the help of AI
  • share progress updates with early believers (no spam, 1 per week max)
  • receive sponsorships in crypto to support their goals

The key deliverables for Season 4 are:

  1. Goal-centric UX 🎯 Redesign the app’s main use case to highlight goals (future) and progress (present), giving less importance to jobs and education (past). Connect goals with sponsorships so members can get support for specific goals.
  2. AI Assistant πŸ€– Use AI integrations to help members write better goals and better updates.
  3. Career Updates πŸ’« Rebuild Career Updates to incentivize more quality, create a space for feedback, and improve the distribution of updates.
  4. Sponsorships πŸ’Έ Earn cash-back in TAL every time you sponsor a talent.
  5. Tokens of Appreciation πŸ™ Help members grow their inner circle of supporters with special invitations that recognize and reward their true supporters.

We want to give a big shout out to our community! Your participation in the snapshot vote helped us define these product priorities. A total of 122 Talent Mate token holders cast their votes, and we're incredibly grateful for your involvement. And there's more to look forward to. This July, we're introducing new quests to the platform, offering fresh ways to engage with the community and earn XP.

Success: Our North Star Metric ⭐

For Season 4, our North Star metric is the number of members with Active Goals. This metric will be our compass and guiding light, helping us stay focused on our mission.

To complement our North Star, we're also tracking 3 Product KPIs:

  1. Reach: number of new members
  2. Engagement: number of members subscribing to 3+ other members
  3. Frequency: Monthly Active Members (MAM)

Brand Update: You’ll Never Build Alone πŸ€œπŸ€›

This season, our theme is "Sharing Goals." This theme encapsulates two key ideas: making your goals public and including others in your journey.

Our tagline for this season is also our commitment to you:

"You'll never build alone.”

Conclusion: Let's Do This Together πŸš€

As we gear up for Season 4, we're excited about the journey ahead. We're putting our heart and soul into creating a platform where every builder feels seen and supported. While the product will be centered around Goals, we will also be focused on building a community that values the journey as much as the destination.

During Season 4, we'll have two very significant community moments: Take Off Paris during EthCC from July 16th to 14th, and Take Off Istanbul during DevConnect in November. Both of these events are Β sponsored by our amazing partner, Protocol Labs. πŸš€

We're always open to partnering with other projects and communities. If you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out to Juampi for more information. 🀝

Finally, our team is thrilled to collaborate with more developers from our community. Keep an eye out for new bounties coming early this month. It's a great opportunity to contribute, earn and meet the team. Β πŸ’»

We're confident that with your support and participation, we can make this season a game-changer. So, let's get started. Set your goals, share your journey, and remember, you'll never build alone. πŸ€œπŸ€›

Filipe Macedo

Filipe Macedo

Co-founder and CPO at Talent Protocol. Maker and marketer building mission-driven brands. ✌️ I'm also a πŸ“· street photographer by day, a 🎧  DJ by night, and a πŸ€ basketball player for life.