Sonjide Hussain - "I don’t want to be cocooned"

Sonjide Hussain - "I don’t want to be cocooned"

Sonjide is the proof of two things. The first is that what you can do of value for others means more than your origin, age or gender. The other is that you can find joy in every step of your journey.

She’s launched $SONO and she’s currently searching for an opportunity to prove what she’s really capable of doing.

Her candid smile tells you that she’s eager to help, her story shows you that she can. Sonjide Hussain has built her life around the things she loves to do, fueled by her intense desire to learn and build solutions.

Born in Bangladesh, she moved to Sweden at the age of 2 where she lived until she was 13. “It was the best childhood ever”, she claims, “I was very sporty and grew up playing basketball, table tennis and cycling. It was an amazing time”. Sonjide then left to London where she currently lives. The city’s intensity and cultural mixture resonates deeply with Sonjide’s own cultural background as well as her openness to new experiences and challenges.

The changes she experienced for such a big part of her life have built her into someone who can find perspective across all stages of life, knowing that everything has a solution. “When someone says no, I really want to know why”, she explains while also adding that throughout her professional experiences she’s been dedicated to the journey of learning about different issues and how she can make the best out of her teams to solve them.

A Project Manager at heart and by experience, Sonjide entered the world of tech companies in 2019 years ago and fell in love with the ecosystem and with the endless possibilities that it carries for those opened to them.

“What I love about tech is that what matters is what you want to do and that can be of value for others. I also love the fluidity of roles - I don’t want to be cocooned”, she states.

Her sharp questioning mind and her eagerness to learn how things work flow through whatever she does. An example of that is how she faces her painting hobby: “Painting is the one thing that relaxes me but I’m not very creative”, she explains, “It’s all about learning the techniques”.

Throughout her career, she has improved her problem-solving skills and built and  improved systems across all projects she has worked on, and Sonjide is now at a point in her life where she is actively looking for a new opportunity to prove what she can do.

Her token $SONO is the result of both Sonjide’s curiosity in experimenting and learning new things and her capability of building a future for herself in the tech space. You can become part of her journey through Talent Protocol.


Supporters: 8

Tokens in Circulation: 3,894.00 SONO

Market Value: $389.40

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Product manager with experience leading Agile/Scrum cross-functional teams in planning, building, testing, shipping product solutions. Blend of technology skills with extensive experience in project management and business analysis.