New and better ways to support web3 builders

New and better ways to support web3 builders
TL;DR - We've introduced new ways for Talent Protocol users to support talented web3 builders through our platform. New features include the possibility to Subscribe to career updates, Staking and Sponsoring

Since our foundation, almost 2 years ago, we have this clear mission of supporting unseen high-potential talent. Talent Protocol became the place where you go to help web3 people suceed in their careers and until now you could only show it by buying their Talent Tokens.

As time went by, it became clear that there was so much more we could do help talent and supporters strengthen their synergies and that is why we have launched new ways to support high-potential talent through the Talent Protocol platform. 🥳

Shared Success

Before getting into what's new, allows us to share with you what we, Talent Protocol, envision when we talk about shared success.

For this community, succeeding together means that talent is able to gather financial, emotional and social capital. Hence, the new support models we are now debuting assure that users can:

  1. Earn yield from staking $TAL on high-potential talent;
  2. Become the first to discover and/or connect with talent;
  3. Feel supported and/or fulfilled by supporting others. 💫

📫Subscribing Career Updates

Subscribers view in your Talent Protocol account

The first option you have to show talent that you are interested in their career journeys is to Subscribe to their career updates. By doing so, you'll be able to know how talent is progressing in their web3 journeys and open the doors to grow with the experience of others.

It's the simplest way of letting high-potential people know that we are here, rooting for them. 😉


When you endorse through Talent Protocol, you are actually putting real money and vouching for someone's potential. As you do so, you'll get access to a $TAL yield pool for both you and the talent you've supported and you both get rewards inside the Talent Protocol economy.

Talented builders can launch their own Talent Tokens either on Celo or Polygon, allowing others to buy them and demonstrate their support - all they have to do is to have a complete profile on the platform and apply to launch a token.


Just released! - users can now directly sponsor talent featured on the Talent Protocol app!

While staking was our first way to unlock the growth of true web3 potential, our community has been manifesting their desire to access sponsoring opportunities directly through the Talent Protocol user base.

So now supporters can help talent grow by directly sponsoring them with resources towards the fulfillment of their career goals. Once a sponsorship is created, Talent will receive a notification to allow them to claim that sponsorship (the sponsor can revoke at any time if the supported Talent fails to claim the funds).

What it means to be a Supporter

If you are a Talent Protocol user and subscribe, stake and/or sponsor talent, you are a Supporter. 💫

A Supporter is someone who drives this Talent economy that we're building forward, thriving to achieve the Shared Success we've mentioned earlier.

By supporting high-potential talent, you are granted access to undiscovered and inspiring builders and get bragging rights by being the first to believe in them. But that's not all - you are automatically added to the Network of each talent you support and earn $TAL rewards that unlock other opportunities for you within the Talent Protocol community (we are launching something on that front very soon, stay tuned! 🤫).

All you have to do now is choose the talent you want to support, go to their profiles and start supporting them.

New support models are a continuous work in progress for us during 2023 Q2. If you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve them, let us know!