Take Off Paris - Throwback to EthCC Paris, Pragma, ETHGlobal Paris 2023

Take Off Paris - Throwback to EthCC Paris, Pragma, ETHGlobal Paris 2023
10 more ambitious scholarswere ready to Take Off their life and career to a new level ↗️ How? By attending one of THE BIGGEST WEB3 CONFERENCES - EthCC Paris #6 and one of THE COOLEST WEB3 HACKATHONS - ETHGlobal Paris.

Hold on! What is Take Off by Talent Protocol?

Back in June, as a birthday gift from ourselves to ourselves, we decided to shake things up a bit and rethink the Talent House scholarship program. You know, the usual “New Year - New Me” 🚀

We’ve explained what exactly is about to change and why in this Tweeter (X?) thread and this Space, but one thing will forever stay the same - our dedication to help as many web3 builders from all over the World be at the right place at the right time ↗️ and level up their careers by attending their first web3 conferences and hackathons 👾

👀 P.S. There are even more changes coming, so make sure to follow us.

So how did Take Off Paris go?

In a true Take Off tradition, we couldn’t start the cohort without raising a glass, having a good meal, and diving right into deeper conversations. However, for this Welcome Dinner, we were super glad to even have our friends from HER DAO France and Blu3 DAO joining ❤️

The next day, although we have already had a scholarship cohort in Paris last year, we simply couldn’t miss one of the biggest and most important web3 conferences out there, EthCC Paris #6, which was held between July 17th and 20th. Thanks to the amazing team of organisers, all our 10 scholars were granted full-access tickets to all the informative speeches, captivating panels, and fun parties. An obvious highlight of the conference was the surprise talk of Vitalik Buterin!

Part of our Take Off Paris scholars (Andrea, Harry, Luis, Eylül, Artur, Tiago, and Lautaro) on their way to EthCC Paris Closing Party

The whole Paris was filled with web3 side-events and, obviously, couldn’t help ourselves organise one too. This time, we decided to re-think our Talent Brunch and do it together with our amazing ladies from HER DAO France at the super bright and cosy Encode Club Hackerhouse. To make this brunch not only super tasty and useful, but also interactive, our Talent Protocol Co-Founder & CPO - Filipe Macedo, and Take Off Lead - Luminita Florea, gave an energetic workshop on how absolutely everyone can travel the world and attend web3 conferences for free. Moreover, all the Take Off Paris scholars were offering best tips & tricks how to apply, be selected, and become our scholar for future events.

P.S. During this Brunch, Talent Protocol presented in premiere our Season 4 merch with the main slogan - “You’ll never build alone” which was out of stock IN SECONDS!

Filipe Macedo and his ETHGlobal Hackathon team wearing the new Season 4 T-Shirt

After an intense conference and a dozens of side-events attended, the crazy Take Off Paris week continued even stronger at the Pragma Paris day and ETHGlobal Paris hackathon. As always, all of our scholars were overwhelmed by the selection of partners, their creative merch, and, obviously, the half a million $ in bounty prizes!!

No wonder that, by the end of the week, all the scholars were extremely tired and sleep-deprived but, at the same time, proud of the hackathon achievements and excited for all the follow-ups when they get back home.

Take Off team, scholars, Alumni, and frens at the closing ceremony of ETHGlobal Paris

But how would our Take Off Paris scholars describe their experience? 🤔

Inês Gaspar, Portugal 🇵🇹

I loved the experience, it was great meeting all the scholars and the Talent Protocol team. This experience helped me meet lots of new people from all around the world and level up my networking game. What I liked the most was the freedom that this scholarship allowed us, to attend the events we wanted but also freely meet up with other scholars, like the closing dinner.

Artur Khaialiev, Austria 🇷🇺/🇦🇹

I love it. Thanks to Talent Protocol for having such an excellent opportunity to make it happen. Everything was great, I don't even know what to complain about the program, the team, the residence. I had no expectations about this journey, but it appeared to be the greatest thing I ever experienced.

Eylul Sahin, Turkey 🇹🇷

I loved everything about Take Off team. They were mentors, they were friends, family from another countries. Give me amazing friendships from scholarships. Thank you for opportunity.

Become a Take Off Scholar too!

Did this throwback make you realise that this is EXACTLY what you are looking for right now? We will VERY VERY SOON open the applications to the next cohort in…… Istanbul 🇹🇷

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About Take Off by Talent Protocol

Take Off is an initiative organised by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Protocol Labs that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

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