Claim your Talent Protocol domain

Claim your Talent Protocol domain

You've probably learnt about it in our latest Community Newsletter... domains are here! You are now able to claim your own personal Talent Protocol domain and take your building experience one step further. Here's why you'll want to do that ⬇️

Your own handle to your Talent Protocol profile...

With domains, you are now able to customize the handle that takes you directly to your Talent Protocol profile, thus making it easier to share it with anyone and also easier to remember💡.

The handle works as a web2 address for anyone to access, taking some of the web3 hassle out of the way for anyone who's still not very comfortable with it.

...And your own Web3 domain

The same domain you'll use to take people to your profile is also the easiest way for people to transfer web3 assets to you. Your domain serves a unique wallet address that you can share with the world 🤑.

This domain is searchable on Metamask or Etherscan so you'll be able to fully use it across the web3 space.

Exclusive Talent Mate Skin

By reserving your Talent Protocol skin, you'll get access to a new Community level (you can read more about that here) and an exclusive skin to show-off in your Talent Mate NFT. Domain exclusive NFT skin

How to claim your .tal .community domain

It is already possible to claim your Talent Protocol domain here.

The domain has a cost of $8/year and all handles are unique and exclusive so you better hurry to make sure you get the one that defines you the most.

Coming Soon

All of the mentioned advantages are already live for you to enjoy but we are working on a very important milestone to debut very soon.

Soon your domain will become the handle to your on-chain data, allowing you to aggregate and store all your professional identity data in just one and easily shareable place.