Talent House #6 Denver Throwback 🇺🇸

Talent House #6 Denver Throwback 🇺🇸
Talent House opened its doors to 10 scholars on February 23th. This was the first Talent House in 2023 and it was organised, in premiere, in USA.

How did Talent House #6 Denver go?

New Year - New Talent House edition 🥳 We decided not wait too long and open the season right at the first big web3 event of the year - ETHDenver. Our scholars’ had the chance to enjoy the entirety of the experience, attending the most interesting panels and workshops during #buildWeek first, and then hacking innovative projects during #buidlathon 💫💻

(Talent House Denver 2023 - Highlights 💫🇺🇸)

Already traditionally, our scholars and other 50-60 amazing web3 builders can meet and chat over some coffee and pancakes at our Talent Brunch. Together with the Supermoon Camp team, we managed to organise a top (both directly and figuratively) side-event at Denver’s Clock Tower with a record number of registrations and an actual line at the entrance.

(Part of our scholars: Rafael Camargo, Tom Husson, Luca Tomescu, Claudia Alban, Feems Gibrel; and JJ Kloth, Filipe Macedo, Luminita Florea, Francisco Leal)

During the Talent Brunch, our attendees could not only enjoy the amazing views of Denver over hot tea and heated discussions, but also a very well-structured Intro to web3 presented by Talent Protocol’s Co-Founder and CPTO - Francisco Leal. The listeners got an extensive overview of the history of blockchain, current challenges in the industry, and future perspectives of web3.

(Talent Protocol’s Co-Founder and CPTO Francisco Leal giving an Intro to web3 during Talent Brunch)

But how did our Talent House #6 Denver scholars experience the 1.5-weeks of Talent House? 🤔

Rafael Camargo, São José dos Campos, Brazil 🇧🇷

It was an amazing experience, coming to the US for ETHDenver with Talent allowed me to meet amazing people. Meeting the other scholars was for sure the best part of Talent House.

Om Gandhi - Waterloo, Canada 🇨🇦

Insane group of people. Loved all the chances I got to interact with and I'm grateful for the deep bonds that I built with almost every member of TH6. Lots of love for everyone, and I plan to stay in touch with these people for years to come. Talent House helped me gain exposure to the Web3 space (as a software dev in other areas). Not only was this the only way I would have been able to attend ETHDenver, but conversations with the Talent Protocol team also taught me things such as how Web3 companies operate, the unique ways to get involved in the industry (e.g. bounties), and how to learn blockchain development.

Claudia Alban - Phoenix, AZ, USA 🇺🇸

I loved having a call with Lumi before meeting everyone else 💙 , the lunch that we had was great, also - merch is 🔥

Want to understand Talent House #6 Denver more? Check out our open Final Report for more testimonials, content, and a budget breakdown.

Talent House Lisbon

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About Talent House

Talent House is an initiative organised by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Protocol Labs that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

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