Talent House Bogotá Throwback

Talent House Bogotá Throwback
This Talent House opened its doors to the 13 grant winners on October 6th. This was also the first Talent House organized in Colombia during both a hackathon and a conference.

How did Talent House #4 Bogotá go?

Talent House crossed the Atlantic again and arrived in Colombia 🇨🇴 This time, our journey began by meeting our beloved friends from H.E.R. DAO LATAM for a spicy and fun Welcome Dinner. Next stop → hacking the days (and nights) out at ETHBogotá where all of our scholars had the chance to either work on specific projects as part of different teams or help their peers with guidance and advice.

Coconnect team 1.jpeg
(Our scholar, Juan Pablo Hernández, and his team, Coconnect, during the ETHBogotá hackathon)

To celebrate everyone’s success at the hackathon and re-charge for the upcoming conference, we decided to organize our signature Talent Brunch on October 10th. As always, the event was both useful and fun thanks to an amazing workshop powered by the Darshana girls!

The last part of our Talent House #4 experience started on October 11th with the first day of DevCon VI. There, our scholars had the opportunity to meet the brightest minds in Web3, attend incredible talks, and participate in hands-on workshops.

(Part of our scholars: Tom Husson, Elif Demirci, Juan Pablo Hernandez, Fernanda Segura, Natalia Miranda, Sandi Imayeguahi, Luis Carranza Perales, and Esteban Viera; together with Filipe Macedo and Luminita Florea at the Talent Brunch)

But how did Talent House #4 Bogotá go for our high-potential builders? 🤔

Iwo Szapar, Poland 🇵🇱

I loved the experience! Everything was on point and I can totally recommend it to everyone entering the Web 3 world!

Luis Carranza Perales, Peru 🇵🇪

I LOVED the people. I know I've made lasting friendships and that will be by far the biggest highlight of my trip.
I cannot appreciate enough everything that Talent Protocol has helped me with in this trip!

Natalia Miranda, Argentina 🇦🇷

I loved the activities and the meetings that allowed me to do great networking.

About Talent House

Talent House is an initiative organized by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Celo Foundation that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

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