Talent House CDMX Throwback

Talent House CDMX Throwback
(Ulaş Erdoğan, Ian Mah, Eduardo Davalos Alejandri, Filipe Macedo, and Luminita Florea at the ETHMexico venue)
Talent House opened its doors to the 10 grant winners on August 18th. This was the first time Talent House was organized in Latin America and during a hackathon.

How did Talent House #3 CDMX go?

Talent House crossed the Atlantic for the first time and landed in Mexico City ✈️ Our first stop was, of course, the Housewarming Welcome Dinner where our grant winners could finally meet each and our amazing partners IRL. After tens of tacos and a good night of sleep, we kickstarted ETHMexico the next day with an informative Talent Brunch organized in partnership with H.E.R. DAO LATAM. But how did Talent House #3 CDMX go for our high-potential grant winners? 🤔

(Ethereum Uncensored team during ETHMexico hackathon: Bricia Guzmán, Ana Belén, Teresa Carballo, Ulaş Erdoğan, Nicolás Bilinkis)

Ian Mah 🇨🇦

ETHMexico was an awesome experience that was only made possible by Talent House. Filipe and Luminita were terrific hosts - always checking in on me throughout the event, asking how I was doing/how they could help. Really made me feel supported.
The welcome brunch was very nice to meet people before the event though, ie I got to meet a lot of people that were attending ETHMexico before the event so I didn't feel lonely when we got to the venue. It was especially cool meeting people from other DAOs such as HER DAO.

Erick Zamora 🇲🇽

I love the place, the home that our talents made, and the warm and extremely enthusiastic efforts of Filipe and Luminita

Nico Bilinkis 🇦🇷

It was truly awesome! I liked that we had the liberty to manage our time, but also loved the TH organized events. Overall really great experience

Bricia Guzmán 🇲🇽

I would do it hundreds of times, you are amazing!

Talent House Walk of Fame 🏆

(Staxx team presenting their project in the ETHMexico finals: Mia Sibala, Julia, Sheena Monique, Shannon, Ian Mah)

At ETHMexico, 4 of 12 finalists teams had Talent House members in their teams:

  1. Datamorpho - Eduardo Davalos Alejandri
  2. Staxx - Ian Mah
  3. BlockCommunity - Francisco Trejo
  4. Ethereum Uncensored - Bricia Guzmán; Nicolás Bilinkis; Ulaş Erdoğan

About Talent House

Talent House is an initiative organized by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Celo Foundation that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

All Talent House-related news and updates can be directly found on our Talent Protocol Twitter account. Follow us and stay informed 💜

Unfortunately, one grant winner was unable to fly to Mexico due to last-minute Visa issues and another one flew to CDMX but was unable to participate in the hackathon due to health-related issues, but all of them are still part of the Talent House community and will have the chance to apply to other editions.