Talent House: Get Ready for the American Dream at ETHDenver 🇺🇸🏠

Talent House: Get Ready for the American Dream at ETHDenver 🇺🇸🏠

Talent House #6 with take place during ETHDenver. Applications are open until December 18th.

Talent House started as an experiment during Celo Connect in April 2022 and has now grown into a full scholarship program that supports dozens of humble builders to attend their first IRL web3 hackathon.

In 2022, Talent House helped over 60 new web3 builders from all over the world attend their first web3 hackathons and conferences. As mentioned above, the 1st edition took place in Barcelona during Celo Connect, followed by EthCC in Paris, then ETHMexico in Mexico City, and ETHBogotá and DevCon in Bogotá. We closed the year in the sunny city of Lisbon, during which our scholars could attend ETHLisbon, WomenHack, Solana Hacker House, WebSummit, LabsWeek, and Solana BreakPoint.

What was intended as an experiment turned out to be a truly life-changing experience for many of our Talent House Alumni:

Andrés Kaminker 🇮🇱 (Talent House #1)

“Talent House's grant to attend Celo Connect will certainly be a before and after in my journey through web3 and technology in general.

Jyoti Rani 🇮🇳/🇺🇸 (Talent House #2)

“Talent House / Protocol, THANK YOU for:
  • making me feel like home thousands of miles from home!
  • empowering me to find new web3 friends across the entire spectrum (from other newbies to those launching their own DAOs & startups).
  • opening my eyes to the numerous roles in which I can be a contributor to the web3 / crypto space apart from technically.
  • TLDR; the people, the ideas, & new career/life path you've equipped me to further explore!”

Ian Mah 🇨🇦 (Talent House #3)

ETHMexico was an awesome experience that was only made possible by Talent House. Filipe and Luminita were terrific hosts - always checking in on me throughout the event, asking how I was doing/how they could help. Really made me feel supported.

Iwo Szapar 🇵🇱 (Talent House #4)

I loved the experience! Everything was on point and I can totally recommend it to everyone entering the Web 3 world!

Solene Daviaud 🇫🇷 (Talent House #5)

The TH team was very kind and caring. I felt integrated from the beginning and we had the opportunity to participate in several events. It was a complete experience (conference, hackathon, party) and allowed me to meet wonderful people. Thank a lot!!!My team finished 4th in the women hack ranking and 2nd in the Algorand category 🙏🏼

Now, it’s time to concur new lands and web3 events, that’s why we’re officially announcing Talent House #6 during ETHDenver (February 23rd to March 6th, 2023) 🇺🇸

Those who want to join us can apply *here until December 18th at 00:00 (WET).*

In order to make the candidate verification process faster and easier, one of the main requirements to become a scholarship candidate is having a complete Talent Protocol profile. Therefore, you will need to:

  • Sing Up on Talent Protocol;
  • Upload a real picture of yourself;
  • Indicate your real name;
  • Complete the Availability Highlight;
  • Have at least 3 entries into your Journey;
  • and Follow at least 5 other talents on the platform.

‼This is a crucial part of your Talent House application process and only candidates with a complete Talent Protocol profile will be considered after the first round of selection.‼

So what is the selection process again? 🤔

This time, the 10 scholars will be selected by the representatives of Talent Protocol, our amazing new partners from Protocol Labs, and, of course, the Talent House Alumni Community. Also, in 2023 Talent House covers the scholars’ accommodation and up to $750 of their travel expenses.

As always, the candidates will be selected in conformity to the following criteria:

  • Motivation (why you want to attend the conference),
  • Ambition (what you want to use this opportunity for),
  • Talent (the quality of prior projects ),
  • Cultural Fit with a lot of emphasis on diversity and transparency.

‼Don’t forget to simultaneously apply to hack at ETHDenver here.‼

Need one more reasons to apply NOW?

If you want to build meaningful projects beyond the termination of the hackathon, our great partners from CV VC will offer exclusive office hours to all successful Talent House #6 Alumni during which you can get hands-on tips on how to pitch your ideas to the investors, raise funds, and build attractive projects 🤑

Can’t wait to be part of Talent House #6 and join us at ETHDenver? Apply now.

Applications are open until December 12th and winners will be announced in our blog by the end of the month.

Do you have any questions? Reach out over our Talent House Discord Channel.

See you soon! 🏈