Talent House Lisbon Throwback

Talent House Lisbon Throwback
Talent House opened its doors to 8 scholars on October 26th. This was the first time Talent House was organized in Portugal during multiple web3 hackathons and big conferences.

How did Talent House #5 Lisbon go?

After 2 amazing editions in Latin America, Talent House arrived back in Europe, and more specifically in Portugal 🇵🇹 Our scholars’ experience began with an introduction to the bright minds of Protocol Labs’ Launchpad during their Social Hour #4. The next day, in the context of LabWeek22, together with Protocol Labs we co-organised the very first Talent Day event ever.

The event had a full program of activities that aimed to give the attendees a better overview of ways to kickstart a successful career in Web3, the future of work, and tips on how to get involved in emerging web3 projects. The workshops and panels were led by the representatives of prominent web3 communities and organizations such as Gate.io, H.E.R. DAO, Athena DAO, Filecoin, Protocol Labs, and Talent Protocol.

(Talent Day with Protocol Labs recap video)

For the upcoming week, our scholars in Lisbon had a very full agenda. First, they hacked at ETHLisbon, followed by some intense 48 hours of building meaningful projects at womenhack. Next, they attended the DeNites Week activities, while learning more about the industry from the top leaders at the WebSummit. During the last days in Portugal, our scholars have also had the opportunity to learn more about Solana and the different growth opportunities inside its eco-system by attending the BreakPoint conference.

(Part of our scholars: Daniel Cukier, Terence La, Merve Hatun Özcan, Dawoud Zahran, and Martina Mendoza at the DeNites Week)

But how do our Talent House #5 Lisbon scholars describe their experience? 🤔

Solene Daviaud, France 🇫🇷

The TH team was very kind and caring. I felt integrated from the beginning and we had the opportunity to participate in several events. It was a complete experience (conference, hackathon, party) and allowed me to meet wonderful people. Thank a lot!!!My team finished 4th in the women hack ranking and 2nd in the Algorand category 🙏🏼

Martina Mendoza, Argentina 🇦🇷

Huge experience! I LIKE IT A LOT
I have a vast experience on attending camps and group activities where I have to live with either with a lot and a small group of people. and on all my experiences, I noticed that "real community building" is hard and key.

Terence La, Switzerland 🇨🇭

I am grateful for these very cool 14 days and, by chance, every single day, something was happening

Talent House 2023

Talent House #5 in Lisbon was the last edition of our scholarship program for this year. However, we want to continue helping humble builders on their new web3 journey. Consequently, we have decided to continue our Talent House scholarship also in 2023. Soon, the next editions will be announced and applications to them opened, so stay tuned 👀

About Talent House

Talent House is an initiative organized by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Celo Foundation that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

All Talent House-related news and updates can be directly found on our Talent Protocol Twitter account. Follow us and stay informed 💜