Talent House #3: Next Stop → ETHMexicoCity

Talent House #3: Next Stop → ETHMexicoCity
(Talent House #1 grant winners and Talent Protocol Co-Founder & CMO Filipe Macedo at Celo Connect in Barcelona)
Talent House #3 offers high-potential Web3 talents grants for ETHMexicoCity. Applications are open until June 19th!

After receiving a record-number of applicants for Talent House #2 EthCC Paris (almost 500), we realized how many high-potential talents are motivated to attend Web3 events for the first time. Consequently, we immediately started working on the next 3 editions of Talent House!

This time we offer grants to attend 3 hackathons: ETHMexicoCity, Devcon Bogotá, and ETHLisbon 🎉

What is a Talent House Grant?

Organised by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Celo Foundation, Talent House is an initiative that has the goal to motivate and support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and get the right drive to start their own projects.

Talent House offers 2 types of grants:

  • A full grant (awarded to 5 winners) which covers their accommodation in a shared airbnb and their travel expenses (such as the flight tickets and other travel related costs, like airport transfer, Visa, Covid test, etc);
  • And a partial grant (offered to 10 additional winners) that covers their flight costs up to $750.
  • Tickets to attend the hackathons are free, but candidates need to apply to the hackathon separately. The tickets to the conference will be refunded by us. See more below.👇

All winners are selected by representatives of both Talent Protocol and the Celo Foundation, based on the following criteria: Motivation (why you want to attend the conference), Ambition  (what you want to use this opportunity for), Talent (the quality of prior projects ), and Cultural Fit. We also put a lot of emphasis on diversity and transparency.

Less than 1 week to apply for Talent House #3 in Mexico City!

Although ETHMexicoCity takes place in August 19th-21st, we want to make sure everything is set and ready well in advance. That is why applications for Talent House #3 close this Sunday, June 19th.

At the same time, you can still apply for:

  • Talent House #4 Devcon Bogotá (October 6th-15th) till July 17th, and
  • Talent House #5 ETHLisbon (October 28th-30th) till July 17th.

The winners of Talent House #3 grant will be announced on July 4th on our blog and social media accounts.

Access to the hackathons

Since all these 3 events are hackathons, you will need to, separately, apply for them by yourself!

Here are the links to apply to:

Talent House #4 takes place during both the ETHBogotá hackathon (October 7-9) and the Devcon Conference (October 11-14). You can get discounted Devcon Tickets till June 30.

Talent House Alumni Testimonials

Andrés Kaminker

“Talent House's grant to attend Celo Connect will certainly be a before and after in my journey through web3 and technology in general. I was able to connect with other peers who are building incredible apps or businesses while also learning about blockchain in general and Celo in particular. Talent Protocol's program not only enabled my participation but it was also a way for me and fellow grant winners to have a "support system" in what was for some of us our first web3 conference.”

Si Jia Wen

“This was my first web3 conference and it’s safe to say that it blew all my expectations out of the water. In a span of just a few days, I talked to hundreds of creators in the crypto space, discovered dozens of cool new companies disrupting the status quo, and met a handful of young builders that I now call my friends.
Talent House was an extremely diverse group of people. It was so inspiring to meet other young builders and learn about how they wanted to change the world. It was also everyone’s first web3 conference so it was exciting being able to experience it for the first time together.”

Simon Puebla

“Being part of the Talent Protocol partial grant allowed me to enjoy Barcelona in a way that almost makes me want to move there. From day 0 we had a place to meet, wonderful people to be surrounded with, and an enthusiastic environment where everyone wanted to share ideas and build new concepts.We can happily say that the group that was formed during these days in the Talent House will remain together as friends for a lifetime. Some of us are already chatting about meeting up somewhere else in the world, surely to keep chatting about what is the future of web3 and how we want to contribute.”
(Talent House #1 grant winners and the Talent Protocol Co-Founders, Pedro Oliveira (CEO) and Filipe Macedo (CMO) at Celo Connect in Barcelona)

If you have any questions or needs some more information, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

Good luck and we see each other in Mexico City 🎉🌮