An insider look at Talent House Paris

An insider look at Talent House Paris
Talent House opened its doors to the 13 grant winners on July 18th. This was the first time most of them visited Paris or attended a web3 conference. 

How was Talent House #2 EthCC Week Paris edition?

We could endlessly talk about our impressions of the Housewarming Dinner and the amazing Talent Brunch sponsored by Protocol Labs, but let’s go straight to the most reliable source of information - Talent House #2 grant winners!

Talent Brunch

Harsh Patel

“I'm so thankful to Talent Protocol for giving me a chance to visit Paris and network with the right individuals in the space. The experience was very valuable for me personally as I got to learn more about different people and their perspectives about the industry. I made new connections that would help me in the future. Apart from that I also made new friends and had a great time with.”
“Overall it was a very great experience, Talent protocol is really doing a great job focusing on Talented individuals and helping them with networking and funds. Kudos to them!”

Abra Rosaline Tsekpuia

“I now know where to look for information to better understand web3, DeFi and ReFi. I have been linked to people more senior than I am and open to support me in further projects. I have a more precise overview of how I can become a professional in the field of web3, DeFi and ReFi without having to acquire extensive technical knowledge”
“It is a unique opportunity to build friendships and professional relationships with people working in web 3 and to discover all the possibilities it offers to individuals and the community to change the way things are done…. And also to visit a new city”
(Talent House grant winners and Talent Protocol Co-Founders, Pedro Oliveira (CEO) and Filipe Macedo (CMO) at Celo Connect Salon)

Mark Rachapoom

“First of all, thanks to Talent Protocol for initiating Talent House and sponsoring us to stay in Paris during the blockchain week. We really had a blast! I have to admit, I am very happy and grateful that we’ve met each other and created such warm-hearted memories together.”
“Talent Protocol have greatly achieved their goal and vision that says, “The mission is to help next generation of builders achieve success and fulfillment by enabling collective careers and the success is shared”. Being able to connect with extraordinary people around the globe with diverse backgrounds is the highlight of the grant program. You will not only broaden your professional network, but also be given insight into who you are. You will come home knowing yourself better, and with the clarity on what excites you the most about life.”

Molly Cantillon

“I loved how friendly and open everyone in Talent House was. Definitely transformed my view on what the next generation of web3 could look like with such a global reach. People should absolutely apply for a week of learning, connections and fun!”

Jerry Qi

“Through Talent Protocol, I was able to meet people overseas who I had shared passions with, I was able to visit a new continent that I had never been to and I gained valuable friends. Really appreciate Talent Protocol for providing the opportunity to do so.”

Jyoti Rani

“Talent House / Protocol, THANK YOU for:
  • making me feel like home thousands of miles from home!
  • empowering me to find new web3 friends across the entire spectrum (from other newbies to those launching their own DAOs & startups).
  • opening my eyes to the numerous roles in which I can be a contributor to the web3 / crypto space apart from technicallly.
  • TLDR; the people, the ideas, & new career/life path you've equipped me to further explore!”

Do you want to see more testimonials?

Check our YouTube Playlist for more Talent House #2 side events videos 🎬

About Talent House

Talent House is an initiative organised by Talent Protocol and sponsored by the Celo Foundation that has the goal to support high-potential talent to attend their first Web3 conference, in order to grow their network, learn new things, and improve their chances of succeeding in business and in life.

All Talent House related news and updates can be directly found on our Talent Protocol Twitter account. Follow us and stay informed 💜

Unfortunately, 2 grant winners were unable to fly to France due to last-minute Visa issues and 1 was feeling unwell, but all of them are still part of the Talent House community and will have the chance to apply to other editions.