Talent House: get ready for the second edition πŸ πŸ‘Š

Talent House: get ready for the second edition πŸ πŸ‘Š

What started as a hopeful and experimental initiative has grown into a program ready for a season two: a new Talent House is coming soon, taking high-potential individuals to attend EthCC in Paris!

Brought to life by Talent Protocol and Celo, applications for Talent House are open until May 22nd.

Back in March, we launched Talent House aiming to give the opportunity for high-potential curious minds to attend their first Web3 conference, helping them to build the network, partnerships and learning base they needed to kick-off their ventures in this amazing and ever-changing world.

11 individuals were selected as winners of a full-grant that covered their flight, accommodation and ticket expenses for Celo Connect, which took place in Barcelona on April 4th and 5th. Participants shared their - we dare to say β€˜great’ - experiences during Talent House - check them out here.

The proven success of the first edition of Talent House fueled us with the energy we needed to host another round. This time, we are granting the opportunity to attend EthCC in Paris which will happen from July 19th to the 21st!

EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community, hosting three intense days of conferences, networking and learning.

Those who want to be part of Talent House #2 have the chance to apply NOW using the link below. The 15 (5 full-, and 10 partial-) grant winners will be determined by the representatives of both Talent Protocol and Celo Fondation in conformity to some selection criteria, such as Motivation (why you want to attend the conference), Ambition (what you want to use this opportunity for), Talent (the quality of prior projects ), and Cultural Fit. In addition, a lot of emphasis will be put on diversity and transparency.

If you are wondering what the difference between a full grant and a partial grant is, here are some distinctions:

  • all grant winners will get their travel expenses covered;
  • full-grant winners will have the opportunity to stay in a shared Talent House (which will be paid for and provided by the organizers).

Does this make your heart skip a beat? Apply now.

Applications are open until May 22nd and winners will be announced in our blog in the first week of June.

See you soon! πŸ₯