Talent Protocol: From Zero to One

Talent Protocol: From Zero to One

Hi friends 👋,

October was an intense month since many new people discovered Talent Protocol.That’s why we wanted to get you all up to speed with a six-month-summary of the Talent Protocol journey. Let’s cover:

  • Why and how Talent Protocol started
  • Where Talent Protocol is today
  • What is coming next for Talent Protocol

For everyone that is new to Talent Protocol, this is the fastest way to catch up with where the protocol is today.

Why and how Talent Protocol started

Our founding team, precisely Pedro, Filipe, and Andreas, started Talent Protocol with the following mission:

Using the power of web3 to support undiscovered talent (not just celebrities) and reward their early believers and most active backers.

Pedro’s background is in HR Tech (founded the biggest tech recruitment marketplace in Europe). He stumbled upon the problem that the Web3 space desperately needs talent and could tell from experience that many talented people are overlooked. Why not solve this problem by enabling web3 folks to support the same people they are looking for?

You need a capable engineer to do that and Andreas is just that (developed “Kill the Duck,” a game with 30M+ users worldwide) and owns a network of coding bootcamps for kids — so a clear believer in betting on talent early on. The last piece of the puzzle is someone that spreads the word about your project and is a great storyteller, which is where Filipe comes in (worked with brands like Nike and L’Oreal).

Not our most beautiful picture but that’s the Core Team, we’re meeting IRL for the first time this week so we promise to take one of those office pictures that startups like to have.

Of course, no protocol gets built without help and we were lucky to have had help from so many sides. First, our Extended Team, who will excuse us for not listing them by name (because we have so many!), but you can check them out here.

We’ve also received a ton of useful insights and help from accelerators and incubators. A shoutout and massive thanks to:

  • EIT Digital Venture Program
  • DeFi Alliance
  • Launch House
  • Celo Camp
  • Kernel

And last but not least, obviously, our stars: the brave souls of the first-ever talent drop.

This is the very short version of how Talent Protocol went into development in spring 2021. Francisco (product) and Ivan (community) have joined since and today, Talent Protocol is about to launch its private beta where you can easily invest in people.

Where Talent Protocol is today

This is the state of affairs at Talent Protocol today:

  • The protocol has a working value proposition that you can check in our one-pager.
  • We have designed our tokenomics model V1 (read here) and we did so by building them in public with feedback from our community and experts like Lisa JY Tan from Economics Design.
  • We have 2,500+ followers on our Twitter and 3,000+ members in our Discord.
  • We have a new website and a brand new logo (check it out here).
  • We started testing the Alpha two months ago on August 23…
  • …but our Private Beta is now live on Celo mainnet (sign up for the waitlist here).
  • Our smart contracts have successfully been audited by Hacken.
  • We raised $350K from private investors so far.
  • We got mentioned in ECO and Jornal Negócios (Portuguese media).
  • We partnered with Girl Move, a grassroots academy fighting to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Ryan Hoover noticed us and liked the project:
  • And so did CoinList, listing us first in their Fall batch:

What’s coming next for Talent Protocol

Big things 😊 Here’s the plan for Q4 2021 and Q1 2022:

Q4 2021:

  • Launch Tokenomics Season 1 on Private Beta, which will consist of 100 Talent Tokens launched until the end of the 2021.
  • Deploy UI/UX design V2
  • Co-create Tokenomics Season 2
  • Close our Private Raise — Part II with strategic partners

Q1 2022:

  • Launch Public Beta phase.
  • Launch Tokenomics Season 2
  • Go public: $TAL.

That is all friends, if you want to engage further with Talent Protocol reach us on our Twitter and join our Discord. Let’s do this 🤝

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