Hidden Talent: a podcast by Talent Protocol

Hidden Talent: a podcast by Talent Protocol

You've probably noticed that we launched a podcast. The first season of Hidden Talent is the result of talks with talented builders, mostly coming from the web3 world, and is hosted by Filipe Macedo, CMO and co-founder of Talent Protocol.

What started as an idea to showcase talented people turned into a weekly series of Twitter Spaces, that turned into a real podcast. As soon as he landed in LA, Filipe Macedo met an incredible amount of builders who were bringing Web3 ideas to life and he knew he had to find a stage for them.

"I started to invite high-potential people to participate in Talent Protocol's Twitter Spaces but I quickly understood that the content was way to good to become lost inside Twitter, with no post-production." - Filipe Macedo

The Web3-way of doing things happened: a podcast was created and its name was even decided by our community!

Season 01, which will last until April 30th, is comprised of 8 episodes, featuring founders such as Carlo Scaglia (Exordi), Jessica Lawson (RADIA), Stephen DeGrazia (SangCash), Rachel Black (GoodGhosting), Bernardo Faro, Matthew Espinoza (Agora Labs), Jamie Russo (Launch House), and many more.

"The first season of Hidden Talent makes it clear that there isn't a single conventional way to success, that each path is a path on its own." - Luminita Florea, podcast producer

This first experience fueled the idea of a new season. Season 02 of Hidden Talent is already being produced and will now focus on other personalities that aren't necessarily founders but have uncommon and interesting career paths.

Premiering this summer, the new season of Hidden Talent will feature interviews conducted by Filipe Macedo and telling the stories of high-potential individuals: "Something we've learned from Season 01 is that people might not like talking about themselves but that everyone loves to talk about what their projects and what they are doing", Macedo explains.

The podcast proved to be a learning experience but also a successful one. "Done is better than perfect. We've released the episodes without overthinking them, with the goal of collecting feedback as soon as possible", Luminita explains when talking about the production process for season 01. This agile and flexible production process, alongside a clear goal of potentiating talent, opened the door for the improved season coming soon.

Hidden Talent is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Overcast, Amazon Music, Castbox, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Stitcher and Anchor.