Talent Protocol Season 1 — A Story in Numbers

Talent Protocol Season 1 — A Story in Numbers

gm friends 👋,

When we started Talent Protocol in spring of 2021, we didn’t think things would escalate so quickly. And yet, here we are: with over 140 successfully launched Talent Tokens (our goal for 2021) and a steadily climbing TVL!

Talent Protocol’s 1st Season is not over yet, but we are already preparing Season 2 and will have big news regarding that coming soon 😉.

Since the platform is still in Private Beta, we wanted to show you what’s happening behind closed doors and get you excited for what’s to come.

Time for Season 1 recap in numbers.

Highest TVL for a Talent not from the US or Europe: $1,182

One of the goals of Talent Protocol is to enable talented people without a big following or established network to receive the same kind of support as those in more privileged circumstances.

ELI is the token of Elio Jordan Lopes, the co-founder at Into The Verse, a GameFi metaverse on Celo. Considering that investment in Talent with a lower market capitalization means more staking rewards for supporters, we expect the TVL in ELI to rise following this post 😉.

The Top 3 Women in TVL

To highlight some of the most interesting women on Talent Protocol, we picked out the three most highly-valued Talent Tokens.


Sara is a Marketing and Communications advisor that plans to launch at least two successful web3 projects in 2022.


Mia is the co-founder of Filmmaker DAO and works on democratizing the future of filmmaking.


Andy is a founder and advisor that aspires to disrupt the political scene of Cyprus by becoming the country’s President!

3 Editor’s Picks: Talent Tokens that Impress

We have three Editor’s picks that merit special attention because of their interesting profiles.


Claudson is a software engineer from Brazil that wants to build a global community and share his knowledge of the sector.


Camellia is a bi-lingual (English+Chinese) writer based in Portugal that helps ideas spread across different languages.


Vladislav is an AI researcher at Tinkoff, one of Russia’s largest private banks, and aspires to conduct independent research in the field.

Total TVL: $100K+ (in 72 Days)

The exact number keeps rising every day and you can follow the progress on Defillama. It took Talent Protocol 72 days to reach the first 100K, but we are certain the next 100K will be much faster. Remember, the platform is in Private Beta thus far, and we have been gradually inviting people. If you want to become a Beta tester, sign up for the waitlist.

Talent Protocol is a web3 platform where talent can easily launch a social token (called Talent Tokens) to accelerate…

Number of tokens launched on Talent Protocol: 144+

By the time this article has been edited and published, we will probably already be past 150 😉. Here is some of the upcoming talent that is launching a token in the next few days.

We also have a waitlist for Talent Token launches. Simply scroll down on the page and click on Apply for a Talent Token.

Average Number of Supporters per Talent: 17.5

Users on Talent Protocol are called supporters and can back talent they believe in by purchasing their Talent Token. A quick Excel calculation returned that, on average, a Talent has 17.5 supporters on Talent Protocol. The most popular Talent has as many as 137 supporters!

An overview of various Talent Tokens

This was a short glance at some of the fascinating profiles and interesting analytics from Season 1. Expect to hear more from us in the near future 😉

Let’s do this 🤝

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