Talent Tally #2 📢

Talent Tally #2 📢

Welcome to our second Talent Tally!

The first week of October is in the books, and what a week it has been! Busy times past us and even busier times ahead, so let’s tally up:

Private Beta is out on October 20th ⏳

It’s quite crazy to think that Talent Protocol has gone from Zero to MVP in less than six months. On October 20th you will be able to buy your first real Talent Tokens. We’ll still be in private beta mode, meaning only approved users can register and there will still be a lot to improve. Request your invite at talentprotocol.com.

The Talent Protocol trial bunnies 🐇

The Talent Protocol team will put their money where their mouths are and launch their Talent Tokens first. We’re doing this to have skin in the game and be the first to test the platform’s functionality, find bugs, and onboard ourselves to better understand future talent’s onboarding process. With Talent Tokens being a completely new concept, there will be quite a bit of trial and error to develop the smoothest onboarding process, so this is our first step to doing so.

Talent Seasons 🌗

You know that feeling when a TV series ends with a cliffhanger, and you are desperate for the next episode? Yup, Talent Protocol will have that too. In Season 1, we focus on talented digital builders and knowledge workers (think engineers, designers, community builders) who believe Web3 is the future. The Simpsons are past 30 seasons, and let’s see if we can beat that…

Talent Protocol is leveling up its design and UI🚀

Behind the scenes, our new user interface design is chugging along nicely. The first iteration really was only a placeholder; get ready for something cool by the end of October.

Check out our sneak peek to see what we mean.

We raised $350k from private investors ✅

We closed our first private raise in early September at $350.000 from 39 different investors. Interest was heavier than expected, so we’re starting a new private raise round next week. Get in touch if you’re interested in knowing more.

Presenting at DeFi Alliance Demo Day 🚀

DeFi Alliance has not only been an amazing experience but also an amazing opportunity to learn and network with other cool web3 projects. That’s why we were very proud to present at their Demo Day to interested investors.

Check our pitch out here.

Time for a little celebration 🥂

Last but not least, Lisbon is turning into the capital of crypto for a month starting in October. Amidst all the conferences that not everyone can get a ticket too, we figured the best way to create lasting connections is by having fun. That’s why we decided to partner with other Portuguese Web3 startups and host a series of afterparties, the first being on October 21. Check them out here to get on the waitlist and do so fast because spots are limited!

That’s all for this week friends.

Let’s do this 🤝

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