Talent Tally #3 πŸ“’

Talent Tally #3 πŸ“’

Hi friends πŸ‘‹,

What a mad two weeks it has been since our last Talent Tally πŸ˜ƒ! No time to waste, check out all the news below.

Private Beta is LIVE πŸ₯‚

You may have seen our Alpha version but meanwhile, we were already busy improving it. While the Alpha version was on Ropsten testnet, the Beta version is real money (on Celo mainnet). So far, it is invite-only because we need to iron out bugs and improve the user experience, but check out this sneak peek here:

We massively upgraded the profile page and are smoothing out the onboarding process to invest in talents. You can already invest in all our core team members and more talents that we’ll present soon.

If you want to join the waitlist, you can do so HERE.

New Brand and Website 🎨

We didn’t only improve the platform, but also our website and branding. The goal of the new Talent Protocol brand is to be simple and to not take away from the talent displayed in the platform, while also balancing between a playful and professional look and feel. Take a look at our Brand Manual.

New Logo

Also check our new website at talentprotocol.com and our new video below.

New Website

CoinList Seed Fall 2021 Batch

Maybe you saw it, but if you didn’t, this happened:

CoinList ranked us #1 on their seed fall batch, which spawned an avalanche of retweets and attention for Talent Protocol. Fair enough, it was just a coincidence and not really a ranking, but we’ll take that πŸ˜‡.Our Twitter following grew by more than 2,000 in a week and the same happened to our Discord. Truth be told, we were not expecting that (and were not completely ready for it), but we welcome all new members and will host a Q&A for them next Friday!

Lisbon Blockchain Week πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

Of course, this week the Web3 space gathers in our main base in Lisbon, so we provided a Guide to Lisbon Blockchain Week for everyone visiting. Someone from the Talent Protocol core team will be at the following events:

Come meet us and give us a shout on Twitter if you want to meet up!

Building the community treasury

We transferred the $100K from our community treasury to SumCap which is a β€œDeFi investment boutique with the primary goal of generating a high yield regardless of market conditions. Their investment approach comprises a suite of automated, diversified, and optimized strategies in stable coins.”

Let us know your thoughts on that 🀞.

All weekly sync meetings are recorded and public πŸ“Ή

Lastly, maybe not everyone is aware of it, but you can track our week-to-week work by checking out or team syncs. You can watch our meetings since we are building in public, but you can also just read along and check our weekly tasks and retrospectives.

That’s all for this week friends. Let’s do this 🀝

Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol

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