Talent Tally #6 📢

Talent Tally #6 📢

gm everyone👋,

No, we haven’t forgotten about you, it has just been an insanely busy few weeks, so our latest Talent Tally is extra-packed! Let’s dive right in 👇

Tokens live: 170+😮

One reason why we have been a bit quieter on this front was our December push to 100 Talent Tokens launched. We exceeded that goal and by now, Talent Protocol counts over 170 Talent Tokens and continues growing daily. We are also showcasing the latest talent published on the platform in our Discover Weekly series. You can find the first two editions here and here.

Furthermore, we are working on an interview series with talent to highlight some of the diverse profiles on Talent Protocol. The first drafts are ready, so expect an update soon!

TVL: 200K+🤯

Talent Protocol is still in Private Beta, but we have been gradually opening up the platform to people on the waitlist. With all the Talent Tokens on the platform, supporters already have their pick whom they want to support, and it has shown in the Total Value Locked in the platform, or TVL 😊. Talent Protocol recently surpassed the 200K mark and is the second-fastest-growing protocol on Celo!

We have a few aces up our sleeve to become number one as soon as possible, but make sure to share Talent Protocol with others and sign up to the waitlist, as the Protocol becomes more public.

Talent Protocol gets a facelift

On the product end, Talent Protocol has made strides by removing a few critical bugs, smoothing the onboarding process, and introducing a dark mode. We recorded a short Loom to give you a sneak peek, but you will receive a longer and more detailed explanation by our CPO Francisco before the next Community Call. Keep reading 😀

A new vision for our Community

With the community growing quickly, we felt the need to overhaul our community structure and how you can contribute to Talent Protocol. With the upcoming Season 2, Talent Protocol will be featuring NFT badges, more opportunities to contribute, and member levels 😉. Our CMO Filipe did an outstanding job connecting all the loose ends, and you can check out the full vision here.

Team Changes

With the changes in the community approach, there are also changes in our Core Team: our CTO Andreas and Community & Content Lead Ivan are stepping down from their positions for personal reasons. Both have been instrumental in getting Talent Protocol to where it is today and will remain a part of the community in other roles. Thank you Andreas and Ivan!

But there are new people joining the team: Isabella will be our new Community Lead and we are working on onboarding one of the talent profiles as new Full-Stack Developer. Fingers crossed and excited to onboard Isabella in the coming weeks!

Our soon-to-join team member

Community Calls

In case you missed our last community call, where we presented the vision and our marketing and product plans for the first half of 2022, you can find the recording below. You can also download the presentation used in the call here.

We are also happy to announce our next Community Call on February 26 at 6 PM GMT. We will:

  • Address our progress in executing Season 2 plans 👷
  • Deliver about product, community, and tokenomics 📰
  • Have a fireside chat with a few talent profiles 👯
  • Answer your questions regarding all of the above🎙️


For Season 2, we will also start working with partners that can introduce high-potential talent to Talent Protocol. Ambitious, adventurous people with a good level of English are the perfect fit for this early stage of Talent Protocol, and partner organizations that can recommend such talent will be rewarded 🤠.

We already have a full pipeline, but please do not hesitate to forward potential partners (or potential talent) you think would be a good fit.

That is all folks, don’t forget to sign up for our Community Call, and we will see you there. Let’s do this 🤝

Talent Protocol

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