Talent Mates: Community NFT Avatars

Talent Mates: Community NFT Avatars

Hi Mate!

It's a great day for talented folks: we've just launched Talent Mates, our first ever community NFT collection! 🥳

Talent Mates

Imagine a place where all creatures are able to find fulfilling work and opportunities that take them to new heights. A distant planet where careers are collaborative and success is shared between all community members.

That's exactly the place where Talent Mates come from.

Starting today, December 20th, Talent Protocol members can start minting their Mate NFT to access a world where both talent and opportunities are abundant.

The Talent Mates NFT Collection

Talent Mates is an NFT collection of unique avatars, exclusive for Talent Protocol verified members, that also serves as a community membership card.

Here's what makes this collection so special 👇

  1. Membership

A Talent Mate NFT gives you an all-access pass to Talent Protocol community perks such as new features, exclusive swag, mentoring opportunities and scholarships.

2. Customizable

Unlike most NFT collections, Talent Mates are not randomly generated. All traits can be manually selected by you during the minting process.

3. Dynamic

Your avatar skin evolves according to your community level. There are four community levels that you can unlock: User, Supporter, Contributor and Team. Click here for more details.

4. Exclusive

Only Talent Protocol verified members are able mint an NFT.

5. Unique

There are almost unlimited possible combinations, but each avatar is unique.

6. Free

Minting is free on Polygon, with exception for gas fees.

How Minting Works

As previously mentioned, Talent Mates are exclusive for Talent Protocol's community members.

If you already have a Talent Protocol verified profile, your own Talent Token or if you supported another talent, just follow this link and connect the same wallet you use in the Talent Protocol app.

If you don't have an account yet, just follow these easy steps 👇

How to Mint a Talent Mate NFT

  1. Create a Talent Protocol account → https://beta.talentprotocol.com/join
  2. Complete the onboarding process and add info to your profile.
  3. Verify your identity by clicking in the “Verify” button on your profile.
  4. Go to https://mates.talentprotocol.com/ and click “Mint your Mate!”
  5. Connect your wallet to validate which skins you’ll have access to.
  6. Personalize your unique avatar.
  7. Click “Mint your NFT”
  8. Minting is free, but you’ll need to have some MATIC in your wallet to pay for gas.

Let the world know that you are a Talent Mate!

After customising and minting your NFT, you are ready to show it to others and make it easier for other mates to spot you in the metaverse 👀.

So go ahead and share it on Twitter (don't forget to add #TalentMates so we can share it on our socials as well!), use your avatar as your Talent Protocol profile picture and you can even add it to your NFT collection in your profile.

Talent Protocol's CEO NFT collection in his profile - https://beta.talentprotocol.com/u/pcbo

In need of assistance?

NFTs, web3 and everything in between can get tricky sometimes. Reach out to support @ talentprotocol.com and we'll help you out.

Let's do this 💫