100 Top Talent - Discover the team's picks

100 Top Talent - Discover the team's picks

We are celebrating Talent Protocol's second anniversary until the end of the month! 🥳 If you're still not aware of everything that we have planned for this epic celebration, check it here.  👇

Building a belief-fueled ecosystem - 2 years of Talent Protocol
Talent Protocol is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Jump in for a recap and to learn more about how we’re celebrating this milestone.

Top 100 Talent List

One of the ways we created to celebrate this milestone is the Top 100 Talent List, a curation of the most special, high-potential talent that exists within our community. 💫

The Talent that made the cut come from all walks of life but have a few things in common:

If you're struggling to know how to start supporting web3 talent, the 100 Top Talent list is a great way to ge started. Discover it here.

Our Team's Picks

We've asked a few of our core contributors to choose a few builders they personally believe in to make it easier for you to find the untapped, high-potential talent to support. Here are our team's picks from the 100 Top Talent List:


whtifigo | Talent Protocol
Self-taught Blender Modeler, interested in web3 and future
datafobik | Talent Protocol
Hello world! I am a very very curious human being mostly focused on digital art/science community. My sociological background helps me to research on humanized technologies, ethics on AI and a new way of approaching technology.
brichis | Talent Protocol
Accountant with experience in the restaurant business, passionate about web3 and female/LATAM communities. I’m a proactive and friendly person. Always learning and improving myself.[Mom + Feminist + Crypto enthusiast]


giuliacamargo | Talent Protocol
Heavily involved in EdTech projects (eetn.eu & greenescollege.com) and educational marketing. You can find me in heated philosophical debates about the future of learning or investigating how to foster online community engagement.
markrachapoom | Talent Protocol
I am Mark Rachapoom, a 20-year-old college dropout, building merse.co
impactbilli | Talent Protocol
On a life journey to become the entrepreneur with the skill, heart & mindset to impact a billion+ people’s lives. Currently building the talent matching protocol named edenprotocol.xyz - previously built & sold humain.ai & perspektiv.ai


cryptobelka | Talent Protocol
Hello, my name is Anton. I have been engaged in cryptocurrency activities since 2017. I participated in many ico projects as an investor and bounty manager. I am also a tester of blockchain systems and run nodes and miners.
cryptoreumd | Talent Protocol
Hi! I’m a Rheumatologist, actually learning about this new protocol, i’m actually an active contributor for BanklesDAO and HumanDAO, also working with Espacio Cripto.
juancamp1987 | Talent Protocol
Juan José can be defined as a person who does not believe in social systems and is always looking for an alternative point of view, since I was a child I has been motivated to study and learn new things every day…


danicuki | Talent Protocol
I am father, web3 developer, entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. Worked the last 30 years writing software and managing tech teams. I am PhD in Computer Science. Mountain biking and Vipassana meditation to keep mind and body healthy.
proul | Talent Protocol
I’m a traditional developer becoming web3 developer
rosaline2104 | Talent Protocol
Passionate about Agriculture and gender equalityCountry Ambassador at Impact MarketYouth Ambassador of UNICEF-TogoChanging the world, one life at a time.

Supporting is now different and better

Now you can support high-potential builders in many different ways through Talent Protocol! 🤝

Hop on Talent Protocol to see how you can endorse, sponsor or subscribe anyone in whom you believe in and want to help succeed (or learn more about the new support models here).