The story of how Talent Protocol will send Pepe into space

The story of how Talent Protocol will send Pepe into space

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Today, we’ll look at a story that may or may not be a future case study…

Pepe’s space travel

Pepe is a twenty-something from a small middle-income country. He has many hobbies like designing, reading, and also learning about the Web3 space. But more than anything else, Pepe is passionate about one thing. No, not even passionate, he is striving to be this one thing:

Cryptonia’s first person in space.

That’s right. Pepe wants to become an astronaut. But not just any astronaut. The first person Cryptonia (a small middle-income country) has sent into space.

Naturally, Crpytonia has no space exploration program sponsored by the government. The country has bigger problems and Pepe’s dream, while noble, doesn’t really contribute much economic value. Not that his job is useless — in the long run, it will be essential to the future of humankind. It’s just that right now, this country needs more programmers and fewer aspiring astronauts.

This is Pepe:

Unsurprisingly, he’s not very happy because his chances of fulfilling his dream aren’t that great. He would have to attend a Space Studies Program in another country, which isn’t cheap at all. His friends and family support him, but it’s a challenge.

Luckily, Pepe is also a Web3 enthusiast. He’s not an expert in cryptocurrencies, but he’s an avid follower of the space and knows it will change the world for the better. One day, Pepe comes across Talent Protocol. He identifies with the idea — a network that can help undervalued people fulfill their dreams. It’s almost like liquidity bootstrapping, but for people. Pepe isn’t sure if he quite fits the bill. After all, he wants to become an astronaut and not a developer. But he applies to Talent Protocol and is accepted in the first Talent Season.

Pepe takes part in the Talent Bootcamp and meets mentors and other people with inspiring stories. One of them, a girl from Mozambique, becomes his buddy and they work together on completing assignments. He passes the Bootcamp and becomes a part of the protocol. Supporters start learning about the story and start staking on Pepe to help him.

Pepe’s story especially resonates with a former astronaut from the United States. It reminds him of his own struggles and he decides to give back and stakes a significant amount on Pepe. He donates all of his token rewards and shares some of his knowledge with him. Both factors contribute to Pepe being able to enroll into his Space Studies Program.

Fast-forward three years…

Pepe is now part of an international space exploration mission ready to launch a rocket into space soon. He’s about to fulfill his dream and become Cryptonia’s first person in space. In the last three years, he’s been sharing his path on Talent Protocol and gathered many more supporters along the way. Even though this wasn’t his goal, that pushed up his token price significantly and Pepe will have to decide between a few options that have opened up to him thanks to the community’s help. He might even ask them for advice on what option to choose…

Pepe during his first mission to space

What Talent Protocol envisions for the future

There are many people like Pepe out there. People with ambitious goals that might struggle to meet them through no fault of their own. Maybe becoming an astronaut doesn’t create the most immediate economic value, but it has its merits. Salaries don’t always capture the value of a person’s output, and they especially fail to account for the emotional value of a career.

Pepe might make much more working for an investment bank, but that doesn’t mean he should have to do it. It would be easier for him to achieve his goal if he was from another country, but that’s just not an option. And trying to mobilize people on social media won’t really help him because it’s hard to get real traction there.

Talent Protocol is for people like Pepe who want to own their careers. With the help of technology and the community, Pepe can go down a career path that would be hard to do otherwise. Supporters can help him with financial resources and knowledge and give back to the community. And on top of that, both have a financial upside: Pepe has a steady stream of income from his supporters and even inspired someone to donate their entire rewards to him and fund his mission. His supporters receive rewards for their stake in him and can even benefit from the long-term appreciation of Pepe’s token. That’s true meritocracy and inclusiveness — helping those that deserve help but would struggle to find it elsewhere.

Let’s do this. 🤝

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