The Talent Protocol Mission

The Talent Protocol Mission


Our mission is to enable undervalued talent to tokenize their careers and build a community of invested supporters, so that they can empower themselves and onboard into web3.

Read on to find out why we believe this will change the web3 space.

Hi friends 👋 ,

Ideas are a funny old thing. On the one hand, they are so easy to conceive yet so ephemeral. On the other hand, we know that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. It begets a belief, and out of beliefs, missions are born.

The Talent Protocol mission was conceived in the same way. To better understand our mission and how we arrived at it, we decided to write this article. It will cover:

  • Our beliefs about the workplace and the web3 space
  • Our mission and how it is impactful and relevant

Let’s start with the big picture and why we are here.

We, Talent Protocol, believe that…

  • The world of work is changing swiftly thanks to more remote work opportunities and mission-driven approaches of Millennials and Gen Z’ers.
  • The web3 space is highly skewed towards one demographic. To have a broader appeal, it needs different identities.
  • It also suffers from an onboarding bottleneck. People that are hired tend to benefit from being creators, having connections, and/or having a similar background.
  • The barriers to entry to web3 can be invisible but too high to overcome for outsiders (meme culture, jargon, lack of a network).

Can we really expect old structures and communities to resolve these issues? Do you think LinkedIn is going to help you, let alone fix the problems in the web3 space?

Highly improbable. Yet, as flawed as web3 may be, it’s the best solution we have:

  • Web3 is by design remote since one of its core tenets is decentralization.
  • It values anonymity highly, making it (in theory) the most unbiased subculture out there — ideas trump personas (most of the time).
  • It is by design permissionless. Anyone that wants to join can join.
  • It is mission-driven and has strong communities that fill projects with life, giving members a sense of purpose. Many projects exist by the community for the community, often without ulterior monetary motives.
  • It’s deeply meritocratic and is working on replacing current structures with something better and fairer (DeFi — finance, art- NFTs).
  • Most of all, web3 is fun.

Our mission and how we arrived at it

A mission is spawned by the beliefs, ideas, and experiences of the individual. Our individual circumstances differ, but we all have a common denominator:

  • We recognized problems and developments in the workplace and the web3 space and decided to create a place where people with the same values could gather and work on a solution.
  • We don’t pretend to have a working solution for the problems change brings. Our aspiration is to build a community that shares our mission and works iteratively to develop the said solution.
  • The formation of micro-communities is a phenomenon of changes we observe, so solutions must arrive from these communities.

Our mission is to enable undervalued talent to tokenize their careers and build a community of invested supporters, so that they can empower themselves and onboard into web3.

Why do we believe this?

  • Because we believe that if everyone knew their career calling, the world would be a better place — we want to help the folks who see web3 as their calling.
  • Because we believe the values of web3 are not sufficiently reflected in the people who are building it. Talent Protocol is a way of contributing a small part to changing this.
  • Because we believe that if people are given the right tools, they will adopt a long-term approach in their careers and, as a result, feel more fulfilled and make good decisions.

The point of building Talent Protocol

One can have a creative or impressive-sounding mission, but action speaks louder than words at the end of the day. We believe this mission to be impactful and relevant for several reasons:

  • This is not a charity project or a do-gooder mission. But the real-life impact of Talent Protocol will create lasting change in those who use it. It will establish a place where crypto can be used “for good.” At its core, it will connect people that want to help other people and make a real difference in the lives of both parties.
  • As a result, Talent Protocol will turn the lives of talent upside down, leading them to become the protocol’s ambassadors and carrying the mission out into the world. In an ideal scenario, this will create a snowball effect.
  • Talent Protocol solves a real-world problem, namely the talent bottleneck, providing founders with a much-needed source of talent, and onboarding “non-crypto people” to web3.
  • Talent Protocol will contribute to the evolution of the identity of the web3 space. The protocol will add its own bit of culture and people to this ecosystem.
  • The protocol also incentivizes users to become “talent hunters” themselves. If you know a talented person, you can help them by inviting them to the network and have a financial upside by having a stake in them.


Finding undervalued talent, helping them to connect with other talent and a network of impactful sponsors, and building a sleek network is precisely the starting point of this protocol. It won’t be easy, but the bigger the challenge, the greater the joy in overcoming it.

Let’s do this. 🤝

Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol

The web3 professional network where anyone can discover high-potential talent and invest in their careers.💫