Virtual $TAL has arrived πŸ™Œ

Virtual $TAL has arrived πŸ™Œ
TL;DR - Talent Protocol will release its new virtual wallet on Aug 7th, making virtual $TAL tokens available to anyone who bought Talent Tokens, or earned $TAL by inviting members or contributing to the project. They'll able to check their virtual $TAL balance and use it freely in the app.

The Talent Protocol community is made of talented builders and their supporters and contributors. From the most active members to the more observing ones, we counted with all of them to build a platform where builders can find the support they need to succeed. πŸ₯‚

We're making virtual $TAL tokens available to all members who earned or bought them in the past. This means that we're debuting a brand new virtual wallet where users can check their virtual $TAL balance and use it to support talent in the platform.

What is the virtual wallet?

In the virtual wallet, available in the Talent Protocol app, users can see their virtual $TAL balance as well as track their transaction history. A talent economy where both talent and supporters can now trade Talent Tokens for $TAL or stake their $TAL into other high-potential builders. In the past you could only stake on talent using a stablecoin.

How much virtual $TAL do I have?

If you have a Talent Token and got supported, if you bought other people's Talent Tokens, completed quests or won some of our referral races, you've been accumulating $TAL rewards.

Until now, it was very hard for you to track those rewards and, most importantly, to use them. Starting today, Talent Protocol is officially allowing you to use all the $TAL you've earned, inside our platform. To learn how much $TAL you've accumulated, all you have to do is sign in to your Talent Protocol account. Then, go to the "Wallet" page and your balance will be available.

How can I use virtual $TAL?

In Talent Protocol's platform you can use your virtual TAL in many ways. Here are a few of them:

  1. Trade your Talent Tokens for $TAL

Imagine that you've supported a few talented web3 builders in the past, but you feel you've accumulated too many of their Talent Tokens. Now you can use the virtual wallet to trade back some of those Talent Tokens for $TAL and use that $TAL to support new talented builders.

2. Use $TAL to invest in new talent

Until now, you could only buy Talent Tokens with USDC or cUSD but, as of today, your $TAL credit can be used to support inspiring builders who are taking a leap into web3.

Can I sell my virtual $TAL tokens?

This virtual $TAL launch is NOT a token airdrop, meaning you won’t be able to bridge out $TAL you have in the virtual wallet to your external wallet (ex.: Metamask). You’re only able to use virtual $TAL inside the Talent Protocol app.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the talent front. πŸ’«

Struggling to claim, check or earn $TAL? Contact us at [email protected] or join our official Discord server.

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