Welcome to Season 2: Made for builders and designed for the future of work

Welcome to Season 2: Made for builders and designed for the future of work

After 4 months of testing and learning from real users, and over 600 code changes, we’re ready to officially launch Season 2.

Season 2 brings improvements in all layers: blockchain smart contracts, backend, frontend, UI/UX design and communication.

New features include a new User Interface and public profiles (already live), as well as Perks as NFTs, on-chain career goals, Polygon compatibility, and more coming soon.

Join the waitlist for the last chance to access the $TAL token at a discounted price before token launch this summer of 2022.

A New Narrative & New Website

Talent Protocol is the web3 professional network where high-potential individuals can build an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anyone to easily invest in their careers.

Until now careers have mostly been a single-player game where only a privileged few can win. With web3, careers are becoming multiplayer journeys where early support is rewarded and success is shared.

Collective careers recognize and reward everyone who contributes and Talent Protocol enables them by turning loose networks into committed communities.

Made for builders and designed for the future of work.

Talent Protocol is where ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals — such as founders, engineers, designers, or community builders — can start building the support network they need to succeed.

Anyone can join to discover inspiring new talent, invest in their careers, and unlock the exclusive perks they offer. Receive crypto rewards for holding tokens, scouting talent and inviting new users to join the community.

Talent shouldn’t be measured in followers.

Talent Protocol is an interoperable, user-owned and carbon-negative social network that values quality of connections more than number of followers.

A platform where your professional reputation becomes more verifiable and focused on real contributions and future potential, instead of being tied to unreliable data mostly focused on past credentials.

We’re helping talent build committed personal communities through Talent Tokens, instead of the loose connections we have today.

New Features

It’s time to introduce the exciting new features coming with Season 2.

1. New UI Design

We’ve been testing a new UI design for a few weeks now. It introduces things like:

  • a dark mode, to make the user experience less tiring for the eyes;
  • a new talent profile, with better information architecture and simplified token stats;
  • on the talent page there are now different view types — grid and list- and cards that summarize the most important information about each talent;
  • improved messages and notifications;

2. Discover Page

There’s a new way to find talent on Talent Protocol: the new homepage of the platform.

You can see trending talent, the latest to launch and the ones launching soon. There are also curated lists of talent, grouped by the tags each talent introduced.

These lists are manually curated for now, but gradually we will automate them and personalize this Discover Page to each user and their preferences.

3. Public Talent Profiles

Talent profiles are now public! This means anyone can see them, even without a Talent Protocol account. It also means you can now share your profile more easily.

We believe that making your Talent Protocol profile shareable and share-worthy is key to growth. Our growth, but mostly the growth of your career.

4. New Invites Section

If you go to to “My Profile” you can now access the new “Invites” section where you can see your personal invite link that you can use to invite your friends.

As a talent you have unlimited supporter invites and the ability to invite one other talent to skip the traditional application process and receive $200 USD.

5. Email Notifications

Updates to the notifications & messages. We fixed several issues and you’ll be able to decide between receiving notifications in real-time (through email), a digest or nothing at all.

6. Multiwallet Support

We now support multiple wallets besides MetaMask, via WalletConnect.

A community, not a company.

Talent Protocol is incorporated as a non-profit, building in public with our community and on a path to progressive decentralization. Our code is open-source and our platform free to use.

If you want to help us build Talent Protocol (and earn tokens and NFTs), you can:

  • Join our next Community Call in the end of March (date to be announced). Watch the last Community Call here, if you’re curious.
  • Join our weekly Product Office Hours on Discord, every Monday at 4:30pm GMT.

We’re delivering a future where talent success is collective.

Let’s do this! 💫

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