Why we joined Talent Protocol

Why we joined Talent Protocol

Hey everyone 👋,

We've just celebrated the first anniversary of Talent Protocol! It's been a crazy ride - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Why we build Talent Protocol is probably one of the driving forces that made this past year so intense.

In the light of our 1-year celebrations, we asked all core team members to take some time to think about why they joined Talent Protocol and share them with the community, here are their answers:

Why are you part of Talent Protocol’s Core Team?

Pedro Oliveira ($PCBO)

I always wanted to make career investment available for the general public and not just in the hands of a small group (eg. football management) but I just didn’t had the chance to meet Blockchain before. I believe that tokenizing careers is going to be revolutionary for the HR Tech industry and making that happen is my career goal.

Filipe Macedo ($MACEDO)

I believe in a talent economy, not a job economy. Today, the only way of monetizing a career is by trading our time for a salary so employers have the power. But my generation, and the ones that follow, are less interested in traditional career paths or in “renting” our time. We want to be the CEOs of our careers, to control our time and dictate our future. I was already working on this problem individually, for my own career, but what if we could help solve it for everyone? That’s why I’m here.

Francisco Leal ($LEAL)

I love building things, and building with a purpose even more so. We know that people are capable of great things when opportunities are given to them and if access to opportunities was more widespread — truly decentralised - then progress and more equal economies would be possible and that is why we need a talent economy, a format where the path ahead is more important than the path that is behind you.

Frederico Moura ($FRED)

I always thought that people could do more if given the opportunity. We will be able to more efficiently control what we do and be rewarded by doing so. We will also be able to get investment on us when it was not possible before. I believe Talent Protocol will allow all of that, by giving more power to talent and investors all around the world.

Pedro Pereira ($XPM)

I believe that talent arises with the right opportunity. Good opportunities are hard to come across and then even harder to pursue if you are on your own. In a global world, networking assumes greater relevance than the background. The possibility of helping talented people find the best support to overcome difficulties - namely money, advice, exchanging ideas - regardless of their origin or who they are - was the real reason that made me join talent protocol.

Isabella de Brito ($ISA)

Enabling people to seek their best version of themselves is my personal mission. While this might sound a bold statement - and also a broad task, I found that working at Talent Protocol I could help and give my share to make this happen.
When it comes to our careers, we are constantly carving for opportunities - but the ladder is uneven for many of us. By supporting undiscovered and underrepresented talents to have visibility and control their own careers, and having people to back them up by investing on talent's potential and ideas, we're building a community of accountability, and beyond this - a journey which is less made of "fate", and more like "what's in the future".

I'm honored to be part of Talent Protocol and to have a chance to shape with the community what's been always in the core web3: collectiveness, openness and inclusion.

Rúben Dinis ($DINIS)

At the beginning of my career, I struggled to decide what to do. Should I continue studying? Should I start working? Should I try both at the same time? I was missing some mentorship and guidance and I would love to have had a community where I could have shared my concerns. Talent Protocol is building that and even more.

In Talent Protocol I will be able to help talented people to get more opportunities by building a product that tackles their needs.

Sara Karim ($SARIM)

I’m bullish about the future of work and organizations. I started to closely follow Talent Protocol’s journey since the beginning and I really believe that it is on the way to revolutionize how people and companies perceive talent and careers.

I’ve also came to understand that the world of Crypto and Web3 has an immense potential but still needs to improve the way it communicates its advances to broader audiences and I feel that by creating great content I’ll help onboarding more and more people into the space.

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